Posted on Oct 20, 2020 at 8:58 am

The French poultry leaders are not lowering their guard when it comes to investment. The sector needs to invest heavily, it is vital “, says Christophe Couroussé, who has just been appointed director of agricultural development for Terrena after having been managing director of Galliance, its poultry branch. He evokes a sector which has largely moved to Eastern Europe with the support of the Union while the West is lagging behind, particularly in animal welfare. “In Poland, industrial tools are new, he continues. If we want to consume French poultry, the industrial tool must be up to standard. “

The decline of the whole chicken

Galliance has just signed the reconstruction for 43 million euros of its slaughterhouse in Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique), a tool capable of processing its productions organic, Red Label and New Agriculture . This 17,500 square meter factory, available in May 2022, will be twice the size of the current slaughterhouse. Its capacities will also be increased to increase by 25%, to 500,000 chickens per week. “The old site was built fifty years ago, at a time when whole chickens represented 90% of consumption”, explains Christophe Couroussé. The new unit, which takes over the 485 employees, will therefore push the fire in terms of automation to develop cut products.

Anesthesia in a controlled atmosphere

Christophe Couroussé also describes a work carried out with NGOs on animal welfare. This is, above all, the implementation of anesthesia in a controlled atmosphere allowing a “The most insensitive kill possible”. This stunning technique, which replaces the electrical method, is also being implemented in LDC in Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

The French leader in poultry has launched an investment plan of 40 million euros to completely overhaul this industrial center. In total, the Sarthois group is maintaining its program of 200 million euros this year at its 90 sites. To this budget is added, for 50 million euros, the construction underway in Vaiges, in Mayenne, of a plant to recover slaughterhouse by-products to make food for dogs and cats.

Catch up

LDC is planning other major projects over time, such as the construction of a slaughterhouse for industrial customers in Bignan (Morbihan), on the site of its new subsidiary Ronsard. Then comes the project of another new generation slaughterhouse on the Châteaulin site, in Finistère. There again 40 to 50 million euros will be committed. “These investments are part of the perspective of regaining market share in imports”, confirms Thierry Chancereul, industrial director of LDC, recalling that one in two chicken consumed in France comes from abroad.