Invited on, Nicolas Peju, deputy director general of the regional health agency of Ile-de-France, announced on August 9, a worrying surge in positive cases in the region.

Covid-19: the start of the epidemic rebound in Ile-de-France worrying

“We are at the start of an epidemic rebound.” This is the worrying announcement made by Nicolas Peju, deputy director general of the regional health agency in Ile-de-France, Sunday August 9 on For several weeks, alerts calling on the population to be vigilant concerning the number of cases on the rise again have been increasing to encourage them to keep barrier gestures as much as possible.

500 positive cases per day since July against 200 in May

A trend that the head of the regional health agency confirms for Ile-de-France: Since last week, we have seen an average of around 400 positive cases per day in the Ile-de-France region and even more than 500 in recent days ”, he clarified. In May the number of positive cases was 200 per day, and in June 100 daily positive cases on average. But since July everything seems to go back dangerously.

The alert threshold almost reached?

According to information from Parisian the incidence rate in Paris would be 46 per 100,000 inhabitants, the alert threshold having been set at 50 per 100,000 inhabitants. “The massive and real increase in the number of tests is not enough to explain the evolution of the situation”, made a point of clarifying Niclas Peju, “Over the last fortnight, there has been + 60% of PCR screenings carried out in the region but, at the same time, + 140% of the number of cases.”

Wearing a mask outside is compulsory in certain streets of Paris

The reversal of the trend is based on respect for health measures and barrier gestures by the population. The future of the epidemic in the short term is largely in the hands of citizens, the Scientific Council had announced to the government in a report submitted on July 27 warning of a risk of a very likely second wave in the fall. “LThe balance is fragile and we can switch at any time to a less controlled scenario like in Spain for example. ”

In order to reinforce the precautions taken, wearing a mask outside becomes compulsory from this Monday, August 10 in many streets and public places such as Paris and many cities, details of which you can find


Written by:

Bénédicte Demmer


Created Aug 10, 2020