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EXCLUSIVE. While the case of mutilated horses continues to shake the country, as evidence of animal abuse follows one another in certain farms and slaughterhouses, and a deep questioning of traditional hunting techniques is underway, the member for Haute- Garonne Corinne Vignon is campaigning for the creation of an animal protection brigade in the department. A first in France, to the value of experimentation.

It is an understatement to say that cases of abuse and the theme of animal welfare have gained more and more weight in the public debate in recent years. If only since the start of the school year, the file of mutilated horses throughout the country, the heated debates around the hunting of glue and that of the turtledove, have punctuated the country’s news.

The theme thus becomes a major political issue, alongside which some members of the majority do not intend to pass. This is particularly the case of Corinne Vignon, LREM member of the 3rd district of Haute-Garonne. The one who is already a member of the study group of the National Assembly on the animal condition, at the origin of a bill tabled in July in addition, now wishes to “act on the ground to prevent cases of abuse and further sanction the perpetrators “by working on the creation of an” animal protection brigade “, she told La du Midi.

Centralize all reports

“I would like the state to equip itself with specialized law enforcement agencies capable of acting quickly on animal abuse situations,” said the deputy from Haut-Garonnaise, who says she has been working on this issue for months. “I therefore propose to create on an experimental basis an animal protection brigade in Haute-Garonne”, she adds. This brigade (BDA) would be “composed of municipal police, national police and gendarmes” and will be “responsible for centralizing all reports for the entire department within a single service”. An organization which “will make it possible to relieve the operational services of these difficult situations”, with “trained” agents who “will be able to give an appropriate and proportionate response” according to each situation.

The creation of this animal protection brigade is not yet at the stage of realization. “We have already met representatives of various law enforcement agencies,” the deputy’s entourage told us. “It remains to finalize things during a meeting next week with the prefect”.

Experimentation before development?

“In Haute-Garonne, a voluntary network of law enforcement, led by Céline Gardel, police captain in Toulouse (…), acts almost daily to respond to reports, specifies the deputy. The animal protection brigade will allow to structure this network of agents who are now fully dedicated to this mission, ”she concludes.

This brigade in Haute-Garonne would have the value of an experiment, but the ultimate goal is of course to be able to extend this model to the entire territory if successful. “If we manage to set up this brigade in Haute-Garonne, the results of this experiment will be presented to the government in order to extend it to all the departments”, promises the former mayor of Flourens.