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Assa Traoré rewarded for her “commitment to the well-being of the global black community”, at the BET Awards

This Sunday, June 28, across the Atlantic, the BET Awards ceremony will take place. An event organized by the Black Entertainment Television channel, aimed in particular at distinguishing black or minority personalities. On this occasion, the French activist, Assa Traoré, will receive an award for her fight against racism and police violence. ” [Elle] will be rewarded with the BET International Global Good Award 2020! Assa Traoré created the “Justice for Adama” movement to demand justice for her brother who was killed by the police, “read the event’s Twitter account. “The Global Good Award is recognition by BET International of public figures who use their platform for social responsibility and kindness, while demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of the global black community,” says the magazine. “The Hollywood Reporter”, Wednesday June 24. The American media also stresses that by receiving this award, Assa Traoré will succeed the artist Akon or the British activist Chakabars.

Following this appointment, the young activist expressed herself on social networks: “This award is a recognition of four years of struggle and an encouragement for the future. The name of my little brother, Adama Traoré, has become that of a fight, that of our rights. This price will make it even stronger. Thank you BET for this international award, and this recognition which gives voice to our voices. “

A relentless fight

Adama Traoré died on July 19, 2016, in Beaumont-sur-Oise, following his arrest by gendarmes. On June 2, as the Black Lives Matter movement intensified in the United States after the murder of George Floyd, the Justice for Adama committee brought together more than 20,000 people before the Paris court. Then 15,000 Place de la République on June 13. On the way to becoming a true icon of militancy, the young woman does not consider herself as such. “I just bear my brother’s name. His name will never be forgotten, it will go down in history and we will talk about it in ten or twenty years. It is with his name that we will change things, “she confided recently in an interview with