“At the hospital, it’s the managers’ victory over the doctors”

Started in March, the emergency strike continues. It has since spread to a large number of public hospital departments. The measures announced by the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, did not convince the strikers. Dressing on a wooden leg, commitments would be miles away from real need. Since December 15, doctors have continued to resign from their administrative positions. As they have pledged, more than a thousand practitioners should have done so before this Friday’s demonstration.

The testimonies of practitioners who have been made public insist on the lack of medical personnel, the difference in wages between the public and the private sector, the closing of beds and the lack of means. In filigree we guess a malaise at work, a loss of meaning. The administrative burden and the decrease in funding are identified as the main causes. The disagreement between the nursing staff and the administrations of public hospitals is consumed. Stéphane Velut, with his interesting approach, says nothing else.

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The refusal to be despised in everyday life: at the roots of the anger of the “emergency room” & nbsp;
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“data-reactid =” 28 “>The refusal to be despised in everyday life: at the roots of the anger of “emergency doctors”
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