“We broke a routine that brought well-being.” Mayor Jean-Marc Causse liked, with his council, to organize a big ceremony of the vows during which he could show his empathy towards his constituents and at the same time present the management report of the past year.

The date was fixed. The prefecture sent the instructions. The mayor respected them for the sake of protecting people, believing very sincerely that health “is the greatest wealth”

So the assessment was made through the municipal bulletin, doubled in volume with pages reserved for associations

Municipal management report:

Priority was given to operations, in particular to managing the consequences of the health crisis on the school.

– The budget suffered, said the mayor. We had to recruit staff. One chance, however, was that of having benefited from the enormous volunteer work of elected officials who took on valuable roles for the school and its operation, the citizen workcamp. I thank them very much!

Some work has been delayed. Jean-Marc Causse hopes that their programming can begin, although he remains pessimistic and fears a cataclysm for the economy “However, I remain confident in my country,” he said. Confidence also in its staff and associations.

Annie Ramon replaced Peggy Lamouroux as head of municipal services. The mayor pays tribute to the professionalism, to the experience of the new secretary, who is as discreet as it is efficient.

Community life is slow, like everywhere.

The councilor is very proud to have some twenty associations in his village, which bring him to life in collective sport, well-being or leisure, but also intergenerational, cultural, musical, artistic, heritage, and tourism. There, too, he wants an early recovery to give life and character to his charming city, whose redevelopment has been underway for several years.

“May the year 2021 be the year of victory over the covid”, concludes the mayor. The municipality continues to maintain contact with vulnerable people.

Jean-Marc Causse thanks the Aubiacais for respecting the recommendations made (wearing a mask…) and thinks that tomorrow will end up being better if we respect others and ourselves.

Operations included in the 2020 budget:Development of the village, Place de hooly-news.comrd building – staircase and entrance to the cemetery – RD 892 security development – Rehabilitation and maintenance of municipal housing – Concealment of the electrical and telephone network – municipal road maintenance – roof of the Hector Bigué room – Champagne washhouse rehabilitation – Maintenance and rehabilitation of the church.