BACK TO SCHOOL 2020 – I gave you the topo for back to school. The low morale, the big intentions, the supplies and the menus… The return to a crazy life…

But it’s still a very strange comeback. A different start. Even more than usual (because they are all different: you get older, your children grow older, the organization differs …).

This year, we must add to our constraints and our fears the small detail Covid. The little extra that (was) (not) lacking in your life. What does this actually change?

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With my wolf, I do (not) what I like …

The essential, the indispensable, the essential is spelled in 6 letters: Mask. And even in 7 letters because you have to plan more than one !!

I prepared a box … no, two boxes with clean masks: a large box for large adult and teen faces and a small box for number 3 that has smaller masks. Note that she won’t have to wear any since she is in elementary school and is not even 10 years old yet.

And I have provided a net next to the boxes to store the dirty masks. Because it will take crazy rotations with at least 2 or 3 masks per day for my 2 big acts and myself.

My concern in anticipation is the hunt for “dirty” masks. I can already hear the discussions coming: but why are there hardly any masks left in the box? I told you to put the dirty in the net !!! And how are we going to do it now !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I feel like it’s going to deserve at least that many exclamation points if not more).

And because I am a scalded mother, just a mother for that matter, I can also imagine the more or less voluntary hiccups, especially from number 2: “I forgot the masks, they didn’t leave me to go back to school, I had to come home and that’s why I missed the class… ”I’m sure you visualize the scene well too.

And what else?

Yes, because hey, just putting a mask on your face isn’t enough to fix the problem. Even if it’s the must have for the fall, accompanied by its little question “have you thought about taking a mask?” (or its counterpart, perhaps even more common “shit, forgot my mask”), it is just an accessory in the fight against the nasty virus.

We all know to stay away from each other. We all take advantage (especially at work) of the new no-kiss trend (oh damn, the time we save !! Among other things …), but the angst escalates when the virus gets closer.

What if I have been in contact with someone who has been in contact with a positive test? I admit, I’m right in it. And at that moment, thousands of questions burst forth that were not really being formulated until then. Should I take a test? When? Should I go to work? Should I wait for the result of the stuff and stuff tests or anticipate and make an appointment? …

No, but wait !! Consider another version: and if there is a case at school, how to deal with it? Test? When? For who? Job? And school for the other children? What if number 3 is 38, I stay home with her? Do I see a doctor or do I wait?

And the morale in all this?

Until now, the Covid (yes, I know, it’s THE Covid) was just information. We rubbed our hands with gel, we wore our masks… And then he got closer. I’m not really afraid of him as a disease. I know it can be scathing, but I also know that most of the time you get over it well. But I’m afraid of what I’ve described before. The questions, the doubts, the days locked up wondering if it is good to be careful or if it is better to go to work with more distances. Guilt is waiting for me. As always and as with everything: feeling guilty about going to work and potentially being a danger to others or feeling guilty about staying at home when I am certainly not contagious.

So today, as I suggested to you above, I have been in contact with girls who have trained with another positive test. I am not in direct contact, but I am wondering. I am waiting for the results of the first tests before considering any decisions, but I am already suffering the full brunt of the precautionary measures: no hand for me for at least a week, maybe more.

And finally, wearing the mask everywhere all the time, it undermines me. I feel like I’m in a bad movie where the actors are hesitant. Not to mention the physical discomfort one can experience, it is uncomfortable to look at and still so strange.

And then, that leads to judgments that I just don’t get used to. It deserves an entire article by the way! We often hear and read people criticizing the whole world and especially the unconscious who have not worn the mask or who have come together … And this, often when they have a loved one touched. Obviously, I’m not going to congratulate those who don’t respect the rules, but I don’t want to enter this binary system: you respect everything, you are a good citizen / you don’t respect everything, you are a good to nothing. Who is irreproachable? Who hasn’t failed? Kiss someone you like, be closer than you should … forget your mask !?

And despite all precautions, the virus will surely find a way to live a little longer … or a lot. Because he is insidious and adapts. Because man is fallible anyway.

In short, this return to school is different and less well. A little anxious, heavy in terms of organization and sad as the weather this afternoon. However, we will live it, we will face it and I hope the next one will be better (except that my last one will go to college… bouhouhou).

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