BLUELINEA: Capital increase: Nearly 1.4 MEUR raised by the exercise of BSA J warrants and free allocation of BSA Y warrants

Paris, April 6, 2020

Bluelinea, a major player in the Silver Economy in France, announces that, as of March 31, 2020, it had raised almost € 1.4 million by exercising 56.5% of the J stock warrants (BSA J) allocated free of charge to all shareholders of the company as part of the capital increase by free allocation of BSA.

At March 31, 2020, 2,167,452 BSA J warrants had been exercised, making it possible to raise € 1,393,362 by the issue of 309,636 new shares at a unit price of € 4.50. As a reminder, the exercise of B warrants until March 31, 2020 enabled subscribers to receive warrants Y allocated free of charge. Thus, 309,636 BSA Y warrants were created and will be allocated on April 14.

Laurent Levasseur, Chairman of the Management Board, declares on this occasion: “We would like to warmly thank the investors who sent a strong signal of confidence in this very special period by giving us the means to continue our mission alongside fragile and dependent people and health professionals. The funds will be used to finance the acceleration of the deployment of our solutions when the time comes to rebuild our social system and learn from this unprecedented crisis. “

Bluelinea recalls below the characteristics of share subscription warrants.

  • “BSA J” warrants (ISIN code: FR0013480969)

The exercise of 7 BSA J warrants allows, until December 31, 2020, to subscribe for 1 new share at a price of € 4.50. If all the BSA J warrants issued are exercised, the transaction would allow for a capital increase of € 2,467,719.

Parity Exercise price Deadline

for 1 new action

€ 4.50 per share

December 31, 2020

  • “BSA Y” warrants (ISIN code: FR0013480985)

The exercise of 1 BSA Y will allow the subscription of 1 new share at a price of € 5.50 until December 31, 2022. In the event of the exercise of all of the BSA Ys, the transaction would result in an increase capital of € 1,702,998.

Parity Exercise price Deadline

for 1 new action

€ 5.50 per share

December 31, 2022

Thus, in the event of the exercise of all of the “BSA J” and “BSA Y”, the transaction would make it possible to carry out a capital increase of € 4,170,717 for a total of 858,018 new shares.

Terms of the transaction

  • Legal framework of the transaction

The Management Board of January 27, 2020, making use of the delegation of authority and the authorizations granted to it by the Combined General Meeting of June 27, 2019 in its 6th extraordinary resolution, decided to issue share subscription warrants (BSA) allocated free of charge to the shareholders of the Company in the form of an issue of BSA called “BSA J” and BSA said “BSA Y ”

  • Terms of exercise of the BSA

To exercise their BSA J and / or BSA Y, holders must send their exercise instructions to their account intermediary (for bearer vouchers) and to the Company (for registered vouchers) at any time between the Date of corresponding Attribution and the day following the last day of the corresponding Exercise Period. The exercise instructions for BSA J and BSA Y will be irrevocable. From the day following the last day of the Exercise Period, no exercise instructions may be taken into account by financial intermediaries.

In the event that a holder of BSA J and BSA Y does not have a sufficient number of BSA J or BSA Y to subscribe for a whole number of shares in the Company, he must do his business for the acquisition on the market of the number of BSA J and BSA Y warrants required to subscribe for such a whole number of Company shares. BSA J and BSA Y forming fractional shares may be sold on the market during their listing period but will not give right to compensation for their holders by the Company.

  • Impact of the issue on consolidated equity per share

As an indication, the impact of the issue of new shares on the share of equity per share (calculations made on the basis of the Group’s equity as of June 30, 2019 and the number of shares of 3,838,676 comprising the share capital of the Company to date), would be as follows:

Share of equity per share

Before issuance of new shares
from this capital increase

0.99 €

After the issue of 548,382 new shares
from the exercise of BSA J

€ 0.87

After the issuance of 309,636 new shares
from the exercise of BSA Y

€ 0.81

  • Impact of the issue on the shareholder’s situation

As an indication, the impact of the issue on the participation in the capital of a shareholder holding 1% of the share capital of the Company prior to the capital increase and not subscribing to it (calculations made on the basis of of the number of shares making up the share capital of the Company, i.e. 3,838,676 shares) would be as follows:

Shareholder participation

Before issuance of new shares
from this capital increase


After the issue of 548,382 new shares
from the exercise of BSA J


After the issuance of 309,636 new shares
from the exercise of BSA Y


  • Expenses related to the Issue – Net proceeds of the Issue

The amount of the expenses related to the operation is estimated at around 100 k €. Thus, in the event of 100% completion, the net amount of the capital increase would be approximately € 4,070,717.

  • Indicative timetable for the operation
April 8, 2020

1er trading day of BSA Y warrants on Euronext Growth

April 9, 2020

Record allocation date: Accounting recording date considered for the allocation of BSA Y

April 14, 2020

Allocation of BSA Y warrants and opening of the exercise period of Y BSA warrants

December 31, 2020

End of the exercise period of the BSA J

December 31, 2022

End of the exercise period of the BSA Y

Pursuant to the provisions of article L.411-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code and article 211-2 of the General Regulations of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), this issue will not give rise to a Prospectus targeted by the AMF because the total amount of the offer is less than € 8,000,000.

Investors are invited, before making their investment decision, to pay attention to the risks described in the company’s Semi-annual Activity Report as of June 30, 2019, available on the Bluelinea website.

About Bluelinea:

“Take care of your parents, whether they are elderly or disabled, at home and in institutions. “ is the main mission of Bluelinea, the first SilverTech to be listed on Euronext Growth.

By relying on its platform S.A.R.A – Support, Comfort and Assistance Service 24/7 – and a real software cockpit, BlueHomeCare®, developed by Bluelinea: the company is developing triple expertise in solutions and services dedicated to “aging well” journey.

The ” Senior & Home Pole »Supports people, day and night, from their retirement to remote support, tele-medical monitoring and home support whether at home, with a host family or a colocation between seniors. In parallel, the “ Home Automation & Handicap »Modernizes and adapts the home or any type of living space for people with loss of autonomy, whether by age or with a disability. The ” Establishments Pole ”, Using a new generation nursing call, deploys the SERENEA® solution which protects residents while assisting caregivers and teams from a Service Residences, a nursing home or more generally from a health establishment.

Bluelinea innovates thus by proposing solutions answering every situation of the life of a senior.

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Laurent Levasseur
Chairman of the Board

Jérôme Fabreguettes-Leib
Investor Relations

Adrien Westermann
Marketing & Customer Relations Director

Vivien Ferran
Press relations

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