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By mistake, Elon Musk makes a stock price jump
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In recent days, the WhatsApp application has been a hot topic. In question, the new conditions of use that users of the messaging service must accept. They stipulate in particular that their data can also be shared with Facebook, Messenger or Instagram, services which belong to the same group. The announcement caused an “exodus” of users to other services like Telegram and Signal. A movement that billionaire Elon Musk wanted to encourage. With more or less success, emphasizes CNBC.

It all starts with a simple tweet. “Use Signal” thus encourages the boss of Tesla who wants to push Internet users to use another messaging service that ensures better respect for the personal data of users. But the message obviously did not get across very clearly to all users. Indeed, a Texan company, called Signal Advance, saw its share jump 527% Thursday and 91% Friday. The company, which provides services to medical and legal workers, among other things, is now worth $ 660 million, up from $ 55 million before Elon Musk’s tweet.

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At the top of downloads

And the real Signal app in all of this? She has cracked a reaction on social media, noting that she has no connection with the Texas company. This is because it is a non-profit organization and is not publicly traded. Despite this misconception, the Signal app has seen a huge influx of users over the past few days. Sunday January 10, precise, it was thus the number one downloads on iOS and Android. A ranking that is maintained on Monday. It is followed by Telegram, the other big competitor of WhatsApp.

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As CNBC points out, a similar case occurred in 2020. When Zoom Video Communication went public, shares were also bought heavily for Zoom Technologies. In 2013, Twitter’s IPO was also a delight to… Tweet. The latter then gained 1,000% in record time.