Coronavirus: Christophe Ramond, president of the Tarn County Council: “Save our seniors, protect our carers!”

The president of the Tarn County Council calls in a forum to “generalize screening tests for professionals in particular to avoid a healthy carrier from coming to work in contact with our seniors” in the context of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic .

“Managing a pandemic is certainly very difficult. No one can say that it would have done better. We all have a duty of modesty but also and above all a duty of truth and action.

The Tarn County Council devotes more than 52 million euros to our seniors in order to age well. We support our elders to live with dignity. Unfortunately, today I can only forcefully relay the calls of the scientific community: ” We are going towards a massacre in certain Regions!

Test! Test! Test! These are the recommendations hammered by the WHO to European countries. This is what our doctrine should be!

Why not follow these recommendations? For over a week I have been alerting the state to the need to further protect our seniors, staff and the home care sector.

We must act quickly.

I therefore ask the State to immediately generalize at a minimum screening tests for professionals, in particular to prevent a healthy carrier from coming to work in contact with our seniors. It is common sense. It is necessary to break and to avoid contagiousness. It is time to think of all our families, one of whom is a resident of a nursing home. Let us give our nursing home professionals the means to do well! These tests will allow us to save lives!

With this systematic screening, there is also a need for protective equipment in large numbers. When we imagine the means we will need to revive the economy, it would be indecent to save on the backs of our seniors.

Preserving the integrity of staff, but also residents and elderly people who are accompanied at home on a daily basis, must be the priority.

Because in addition to nursing homes, the home support sector for dependent elderly people is already hit hard by the shortage.

Caregivers, caregivers: all of these personnel today find it very difficult to obtain protective equipment. For home help services, it’s a disaster. Some people keep the same mask which has been falling apart for several days when it should be changed every 4 hours and at worst every 8 hours …

The deliveries of masks promised by the Minister of Health must really be guaranteed without delay!

To meet the urgent needs for materials, the Departmental Council ordered 210,000 masks, outfits and gel. They will be delivered within a few days I hope.

In the fight against the epidemic to break the chains of contamination we must remain confined and strictly respect the barrier gestures but we also need material means and tests!

The time is not for controversy but for action! No further waiting is possible “.