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Covid-19 and occupational disease: easier procedures

The government will facilitate recognition as an occupational disease for all workers who have had a high probability of having been infected with the virus in the course of their professional activity. In accordance with the commitments made by Olivier Véran on March 23, all caregivers suffering from a severe form of Covid-19 will have their illness “systematically and automatically recognized as an occupational disease”.

This concerns all caregivers in health and medico-social establishments, non-caregivers working face-to-face in these structures as well as people providing transportation and support for the sick. Liberal health professionals will benefit from this recognition under the same conditions as other caregivers, the ministry said.

For non-nursing workers, the procedure for recognition of occupational disease will be facilitated: in place of regional committees, a single national recognition committee dedicated to Covid-19 will be set up to ensure the uniform processing of requests. In the framework of this simplified procedure, no rate of permanent incapacity will in particular be required. Recognition as an occupational disease allows 100% coverage of care by Medicare, more favorable coverage of daily benefits and finally compensation (annuity or capital) in the event of permanent incapacity. To this is added an annuity paid to beneficiaries in the event of death.

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