Some severe forms of Covid-19 symptoms could be explained by what is called a “cytokine storm”. This phenomenon results in a hyper-inflammatory reaction in the body. The immune system races and turns on itself, putting the patient’s life in danger. However, periodontitis, the inflammation of the periodontium, would play a role in the cytokine storm.

Covid-19: periodontitis could cause cytokine storms

The new coronavirus usually causes

mild symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, and sometimes difficulty in breathing. “About one in six people who contract the disease have more severe symptoms, including dyspnea” note it

World Health Organization.

According to Prof. Yazdan Yazdanpanah, head of the infectious diseases department at Bichat hospital in Paris and interviewed by hooly News, a possible aggravation often happens suddenly, about 7 days after the onset of symptoms. In this case, the patient presents with acute respiratory distress : The lungs do not supply enough oxygen to vital organs and artificial ventilation is necessary.

Periodontitis could promote complications


periodontitis is a disease that corresponds to the destruction of the periodontium, supporting tissue of the tooth by bacteria accumulated on the surface of the tooth and the gum. It is common but can cause serious complications as it is a risk factor for

cardiovascular illnesses and D’

bronchopulmonary infection. But not that: according to a study, periodontitis could cause serious complications of the Covid-19 virus.

According to the

DailyMail, scientists from California and Brazil found that some patients with Covid-19 who had high levels of an inflammatory immune protein called interleukin-6 or IL-6 (more than 80 picograms per milliliter) have more risk of developing respiratory distress syndrome.

The periodontitis increases the levels of these proteins immune, just like


diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, we learn from the media, which specifies that the work will soon be published in the Journal of the California Dental Association. The body speeds up the production of IL-6 to fight an attack.

“IL-6 is one of the worst”, says Dr. Maloyem, dental surgeon, to the media. “It has been implicated in the destruction of bones, the destruction of tissue and, when it enters blood vessels, it prevents cells in the blood vessels from dilating.” This inflammatory protein belongs to a group of cells called cytokines. The latter play a role in “cytokine storms”, and cause a strong inflammatory reaction.

What is cytokine shock?

“The evidence is mounting to suggest that a portion of patients with severe forms of Covid-19 are subject to a cytokine shock syndrome Jessica Manson, specialist in inflammatory phenomena at University College Hospital in London, said in the medical journal

The Lancet. Cytokines are molecules naturally produced by the immune system in the body. They help regulate immune action and promote the inflammatory reaction, the body’s natural response to aggression.

When the immune system gets carried away, too much of these molecules is secreted. A hyper-inflammatory reaction can be caused, it is the cytokine storm. The cytokines can then attack several organs, in particular the lungs. This response from the body, already singled out for the

SARS and the

Seas, could cause the complications of Covid-19.
“I think an exuberant immune response is what really kills patients (of Covid-19, editor’s note) by destroying tissue. But it is not a certaintyUS microbiology and immunologist Stanley Perlman told hooly News. “This would only explain part of the deaths. For SARS, it was found that around 50% of the deaths were related to this overreaction,” nuance Frédéric Altare, research director at Inserm and immunologist, at

20 minutes.

The trail of treatment

“At present, there is no effective and proven therapeutic approach against this phenomenon”Adds Stanley Perlman. The public hospital group AP-HP in Paris launched the trial

Corimmuno : researchers are testing several drugs against these excessive inflammatory reactions. Taking a

immunosuppressant used against

Rheumatoid arthritis (Tocilizumab) would have improved the condition of Jonathan Raskin, pulmonologist interviewed by the media

Living room and concerned with the cytokine storm while being affected by covid-19.

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Created Aug 10, 2020


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