do not hesitate to create rituals with your grandchildren

Dear grandparents, I invite you to enjoy your grandchildren during the solar vacation. Many of you keep them and sometimes you lack imagination. I have an idea for you: “Grand Mercredi”, the first site dedicated to grandparents.

It’s here first community of grandparents and grandchildren. It is a site, a paper journal and a newsletter, sent every Tuesday. Everything is free, just register and you can find mood tickets and exchange via the Facebook page with other grandparents in most cities.

There are also some suggestions for outings, activities, ideas accessible to all grandparents, easy to make at home and valid for all ages. Among them, there are two ideas that I like very much. First of all the magic socks. A fabulous tip for give children a taste for reading and let them go to bed without a whim.

Power socks you invent

You buy huge, colorful socks that have a power you invent. Those are the the only socks that allow all little children to dream of their favorite heroes. After reading their evening story, they put on socks and sleep. You can even extend the magic at breakfast to check if the heroes have come in their dreams.

Another idea, together create an email address. When you have a little anecdote to tell them, that they move you, make you happy, and even amaze you, write them to this email address. It is like a diary between you and your grandchildren and when the time is right, you will read them and give them the password.

A way to simplify your life and to feel lighter. Share the good times, and above all keep only the best, take full advantage of the essentials, all the love you give them and they give you back a hundredfold.

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