It is essential to be well installed to sleep peacefully. Emma Mattress precisely offers quality material that we wanted to tell you about. And among the novelties in this back to school 2020, there is “Black Diamond”, the mattress that takes us to deep sleep, thanks to innovation Diamond Degree® which we will tell you more about.

A few words about Emma Matelas

Maybe you don’t know yet the brand Emma Mattress. This is a young French company which – as the name suggests – offers its own mattresses for sale. To get an idea, his bestseller named “The Emma Original mattress” has sold 92,000 copies. She therefore becomes one of the leaders in the field. It stands out for its desire to offer comfortable mattresses for everyone. Mattresses that will adapt to any body shape, focusing on quality support, to feel like on a cloud.

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Diamond Degree® technology

The mattress “Black Diamond” makes a remarkable entrance thanks to its technology Diamond Degree® based on the desire to regulate body temperature. Because being too hot greatly affects the quality of sleep. What sets it apart from other models on the market? In fact, the model “Black Diamond” does not heat up and allows the user to sleep more soundly. Because to sleep well, you have to be careful not to be too hot, at the risk of waking up too often and cutting the sleep cycle.

Emma Mattress
The strengths of the Black Diamond

Zoom on Emma Matelas’ “Black Diamond” mattress

With “Black Diamond” Emma Mattress wanted to innovate by taking into account the importance of restful sleep. The mattress is equipped with a thermoregulated and elastic cover. This will allow the graphite foam Diamond Degree® to dissipate heat more intelligently. A comfort foam is also present, it promises a very pleasant support.

Maybe you are having trouble falling asleep? Because of the heat or just a lack of comfort? With this new model, Emma Mattress clearly marks the minds, as it is committed to meeting the needs of its users. Please let us know what you think.