Test de fitness pour les entraîneurs personnels


Cliquez ici pour une vidéo détaillée sur les tests de condition physique. Les évaluations de la condition physique sont une partie importante de la formation personnelle et du processus de vente. Dans cette vidéo, je vais passer en revue les aspects importants des tests de condition physique, notamment la graisse corporelle, la fréquence anthropométrique, la fréquence cardiaque au repos et les tests cardio / force. Dans cette vidéo, je vais également vous montrer comment administrer le test YMCA Step pour vous aider à passer votre examen de certification personnel de formation. Qu'il s'agisse d'une évaluation de la condition physique, d'un écran de remise en forme ou d'un profil de remise en forme, vous deviendrez un expert pour expliquer votre état actuel de santé de vos clients. Fonctionne également bien avec l'écran de mouvement fonctionnel Gray Cook FMS. Que vous étudiiez pour votre certification ACE, la certification NASM, la certification NSCA, la certification AFAA ou la certification ISSA, ce sera une compétence que vous voulez absolument maîtriser.

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  1. Good info, pushup ( testing ) I would say " not exactly the way I evaluate a client " ( navy push up is exactly that ) your thorough with your words ( you don't talk fast ) appreciate that. I had 93 clients in downtown Phoenix, my sessions were 29 minutes of " welcome to navy swim school inside of a fancy health club ". It was fun.

  2. This video is great. Dammm it really is gonna help me a lot. I'm new in the fitness industry and definitely ill what I've learnt today. Many thanks.

  3. Love your videos bro.. they are super comprehensive and insightful to say the least. I'm embarking on my very own business as a fitness instructor and your information and take on things is really making me feel more prepared. Thank you for that and please keep these videos coming!

  4. Lol Funny how I too now have an ex client , who's a good friend and now she a Personal Trainer. Was a Great feeling to be the one to help her achieve her fitness and then advice her on how to become a good PT

  5. What do you recommend for lagging body parts? Lays, chest, triceps any lagging body part or does it matter what exercise do you do?

  6. Ahhhh….sigh of relief! Excellent advice! I was feeling so lost and incompetent, not being able to help him. Thank you so much for your swift response and feedback. I have been watching your videos for months and they all teach me something new. Thank you so much for your time and energy!!!

  7. I have a question pertaining to training clients with little or no previous experience moving their bodies. I am currently training a 14 year old boy who is just growing into his body. I have found that children have a difficult time understanding how their bodies work/move. It has been frustrating not being able to get through to him in ways that it is much easier for adults. Shoulders back and down, core tight, slight bend in knees, etc. Squats and deadlifts cannot be preformed correctly or safely because he does not keep his back straight. Do you have any tips for me in how to get thru to him in this way? My instruction has not been effective. I asked for permission in touching his back and moving him into correct position. Showed him what the moves are supposed to look like and also suggested he look in the mirror while performing these moves so he can see his body and correct himself, all to no avail. Any moves that are good to start with? Cybex instead of free weights? I have had two sessions with him so far, my next one is tomorrow and I really want to help him but haven't done so effectively at this point. HELP!!!!!

  8. I literally just certified with NASM, and I'm excited to become a CPT. I love this video. One question. Where do you get the body fat gadget?

  9. Thank you for this video. I am planing to become a personal trainer to motivate, inspire and educate people. i felt lost at first thinking about it but your video has helped me out a lot.

  10. Amazing video! Do you do the anthropometric measurements outside the training session? What do you think about the in-session testing when the client isn't aware that he's tested? For example when he does the bench press with 40kg and we check over time if the reps or weight improve. Also, a little favor, when you find the time can you please make a video about periodization for the typical client that just wants to lose weight or improve their well-being? How does it look like? Because it certainly is totally different from a periodized plan for professional athletes. We all agree this type of client represents like 95% of all our clients. I'm a beginner as personal trainer and struggle quite a bit with periodization 🙁 thanks a lot for finding time to share your knowledge and experience with us!

  11. Over a year old and I still learn something new in this.
    The physical assessment part of the test – there was no mention in flexibility as 'sit n reach ' test or Thomas Test. Would you say those are not TOO important at first?

  12. You have really helped me to be more enlighten on the best way to practice. Liked the introverted video also and subscribed. The 2 videos I've watched alone so far has been a big help, mentally. I am a Nutrition Specialist and Consultant/Sales for GNC, and you're right when you let your passion lead you, the knowledge follows and you become more incline to trust yourself with helping others, professionally. I just recertified with my CPT with NASM, and might finally get on with GOLDs by where I work, so I'll be looking forward to watching more of your videos.. Again, thanks and you seem very humble in your teachings. I like and respect that..Peace

  13. Hi Jonathan
    Tahnk you for all your videos.
    I am a fresh new NASM personal trainer. I am a french PE teacher and try to improve and develope my skills and knowledge. I would like to carry on with other certification. I am hesitating : NASM Performance enhacement specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, loss weight specialist; Or going with ACE certifications as their certifications are nearly the same a bit cheaper. Or NSCA personal trainer certification ? Could you give me advices? Morgan

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