A new proposed animal welfare law will be debated from Wednesday afternoon, in the National Assembly, and until Friday. In particular, it provides for measures to fight against the abandonment or mistreatment of domestic animals, the ban on dolphin shows or the breeding of mink. This time, it emanates from more than 150 deputies, in majority LREM. The text therefore has a good chance of being voted on. Initiator of the Shared Initiative Referendum (RIP) for animals, Hugo clement was the guest of Europe 1 on Wednesday morning. But if he is delighted with this progress, he still underlines certain shortcomings.

Forgotten hunting and breeding

“It was high time to move forward and this text has been made essential by the mobilization of associations for years and by the launch of the referendum for animals in July. I think that the political field has been put under pressure by the opinion, and it passes to a start of action in the National Assembly “, judged the journalist.

However on several points, the text does not go far enough according to him: “The problem is that this bill forgets a lot of subjects, in particular hunting and breeding, which are nevertheless very important for the French” . He also stressed that if certain amendments are indeed voted, they could even mean a step back from the commitments made by Minister Barbara Pompili.

Be careful with dolphinariums

“On wild animals in circuses, the government has tabled an amendment that would allow the Ministry of Ecology to continue to use certain wild species in circuses, so we won’t have a total ban if it’s passed. hopes that Barbara Pompili’s promises will be kept and that this bill will be a real step forward, but it is far from guaranteed for the moment “.

Finally, if he welcomes the end of dolphinariums in France, Hugo Clément calls all the same to remain vigilant: “There are amendments which have been tabled and which propose to authorize zoos to continue to possess cetaceans and to reproduce. And that would amount to prolonging this system “.