Did you know that it is possible to be chic and trendy without having to twist your feet on your heels? If not, this article is for you. Of course, it is indeed possible to be chic and trendy with flats. If you are one of those women who don’t like to wear tall shoes, find, through this guide, tips for pairing your flats with your clothes to be on top of fashion.

Choose your flat shoes carefully

The first step in looking stylish with flats is of course to bet on shoes that are not only of quality, but also with a very original design. This will allow you to stand out from all those who wear only black ballerinas.

Indeed, black is a color already too seen. So to be sure you look stylish in your shoes, although they are flat, please forget about black. Even if you want to have a pair of black flat shoes, choose a model, a very original cut. If you don’t have a black shoe, choose pastel or a bright color.

You can also choose embellished or patterned flats. Thus, you bring a little touch to your outfit. For a boyish side, opt for flat shoes like the brogue type. In addition to being quite comfortable, these shoes are not as commonplace as ballet flats. Moreover, they are not seen at all feet.

Sneakers are also great flats that you absolutely must own. In winter, the boots will allow you to be stylish despite the fact that you are in flat shoes. You could choose them short. You can also choose riding style boots. These are shoes that stop just below the knees. So how do you choose them?

Avoid waders at all costs

Whatever material you choose, simply avoid over the knee boots. Indeed, despite the fact that they bring a chic side to your outfits, the thigh-high boots when they are flat compress the silhouette. That is to say, if you are not very slender, just forget about the flat thigh boots, otherwise your look will turn ridiculous very quickly.

Avoid models that tighten the legs

If you have strong calves, it would be best to go for boots that do not tighten your legs. Indeed, it is always better to create an optical illusion with boots. And for this, they must be slightly wide. Boots that stick to the skin are therefore not welcome.

Always bet on colors that you cannot see on everyone’s feet

To create a chic and trendy style, you have to dare the color. So bet on colors that are a little out of the ordinary. Burgundy, midnight blue, emerald green are colors that blend easily with other basic colors.

Match your flats well

To have style, you have to bet on associations. So, if you opt for flats, shorts and short skirts will be your allies. Of course, you could wear your ballet flats with slim jeans. Here are some associations which may give you some ideas:

The tight black sweater dress and sneakers

To break the femme fatale style of the tight dress, you just have to wear sneakers. To mark your size, opt for a belt or a large bib.

Tutu skirt and high ballerinas

Ballerinas with slim jeans are a dress style already too seen. For a chic and elegant touch, wear your ballet flats with a short skirt. Dare a little color in your outfits, it would do your style good.

Always take care of your posture and your shoes

Flat shoes tend to get damaged very quickly. So, don’t insist on wearing them if you notice they are damaged, even if they are your “favorite shoes.”

However, it is necessary to always maintain your shoes, regardless of their manufacturing materials. So that they can last over time, do not hesitate to take them to the shoemaker from time to time. It will change the soles for more comfort when you wear them. Also, when you walk, take care of your posture. Stand up straight with your head up and shoulder down.