How to make money by recycling your old car

The scrapping bonus breaks all records. 350.0000 bonuses granted per year
last, 100,000 more than in 2018
. But get rid
of his old car is not always easy. Of the 2
million vehicles that are scrapped each year, 500,000 escape the
legal sector and are therefore wildly recycled. Goodbye Car, site
approved, offers to legally scrap your car and even earn money.

The premium
conversion is aid allocated to owners of Car polluting, for
encourage them to abandon them
, in favor of newer and more recent models
own. Device that made a carton and cost no less than 820 million
euros to the State last year, which represents an average premium of 2,176

Faced with such a success, the State has put its foot on the brake by restricting the conditions for obtaining the premium. Since last summer, it has been more restrictive: exclusion of high-end vehicles, lowering of the thresholdCO2 emission, amount depending on tax income … Measures which have certainly already contributed to limiting the number of files Read, without completely undermining the success of the device.

Be vigilant

Only he is
not always easy to get rid of old car. Your old Clio
sleeping in your garage, nobody wants it. Too old and too bad
condition, you must therefore resolve to have it recycled. You have probably noticed the
small posters that bloom at the red lights “Abduction
of wrecks “accompanied by mobile numbers.

Please note this may
lead to an unauthorized demolisher. These wild recycling are not done
always in the rules and do not respect the pollution abatement standards. This is where the website Goodbye car, directed by Isabelle Vivent, intervenes by proposing to individuals to get rid of
their old cars.

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