How to manage alternate custody during confinement?

While rumors of strict confinement swelled over the weekend, parents in alternate custody had a ball in the stomach. Being separated from their offspring for an indefinite time seemed just as unthinkable as being confined alone with the fruit of their womb. With the added bonus, the constraints of academic follow-up, animation, domestic maintenance while “continuing one’s economic activity”, as Emmanuel Macron urged.

Frédérique, mother of two children aged 7 and 12, therefore only considered one solution: going back to live with her ex-spouse to experience family confinement. “He was not delighted but he agreed,” she says. The details of Christophe Castaner, the evening of March 16, dismissed this temporary cohabitation and appeased most of the separated parents: yes, they can move to drop off or pick up their children.

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According to the decree published in the Official Journal on March 17, “travel for compelling family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable persons or for childcare” is indeed authorized. By bringing a certificate of derogatory displacement, the alternating custody as it was decided amicably or by justice therefore continues, almost as if nothing had happened. Almost. “It’s weird to have to fill out this form to go and entrust your child to your ex-spouse. One more oddity, ”observes Noémie *, mother of a 7-year-old daughter.


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