“I think we will come out of it less selfish”

Annette is of course a little lonely. At 88, this Rennaise has hardly set foot outside for a week. Just a little health walk a day. For the rest, especially shopping, she can count on the help of one of her neighbors. But she no longer sees her housekeeper who passes every two weeks before the epidemic. The association which put them in contact decided not to continue the activity, in order not to expose its staff. This leaves Annette perplexed. “How many people suddenly find themselves completely alone?” “, she wonders.

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“I am lucky to be independent and I have family who call me every day. “ So Annette offered her help to the association Aging well in Brittany. Certainly, she is confined but she can pick up the phone to call the members one by one. “I call four or five a day to make sure they don’t miss anything and also to give everyone an opportunity to speak from time to time. It’s a small contribution, but if everyone does the same, then older people will be less isolated. “

Resources in faith and memories

In these times of adversity, Annette finds resources in her personal history, her faith and her memories, she summarizes. “I was small during the war but I remember very well the mutual aid which brought people together at the time. For example, my father had a piece of land to grow fruits and vegetables. He had offered his first beans to a completely destitute woman. “

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Then, many years later, Annette accompanied her husband, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Already, the anxiety of the disease is advancing. “I realize today that the service to vulnerable people is still not enough”, she notes.

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However, well installed in her living room from which she hardly leaves, Annette wants to believe in a good tomorrow. “I hope we will rethink the world and solidarity. “ According to her, it is very possible. “Rich people usually don’t understand the notion of lack because they have everything. This time, even they are hampered and cannot benefit from everything they could buy “ At her level, Annette applauds the caregivers each evening in front of her television.