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I’m not well right now – Stress, anxiety, anguish




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Hello, here I am 20 years old and since the month of April I feel not well, the confinement was respected but the media on the corona my nique the crane, here is mid April I feel not well but really I get up pressure chest level feeling of breathing bad stuffy nose dizziness feeling dying loss of appetite I listen to a lot of music more desire for 3 horrible week, I am acting I took over in my business or I was in mid may i said to myself that it was going to get better while thinking about something else but such impression of having trouble breathing in the morning tight throat with all the time mucus in the throat sweaty hand, when I came back from my day in the car exhausted tight throat feeling of choking while driving lack of uncontrollable air, suddenly I stopped then I went to the doctor explaining that I had a lot of mucus and I was coughing a lot he prescribed my medoc against bronchitis I did the negative covid test I stopped been the cigarette for 1 month, since here I always have the chest compressed but the worst is in the car the impression that I lack air that I choke especially on national, in town its going, I always want driving, passenger level or behind it is worse impression of dying of lack of air I feel bizarre with my loved ones, myself feeling crazy, I force myself to go out with my friends to face her but I think about it all the time afraid that its manifested in front of them, I speak little basic rather lonely the impression that all my emotion is manifested by scaring me, voila it is the first time that I am in this state which lasts I talk to no one but it scares me I force myself to ride has faced but sometimes I am ready to stop in the middle of the road, I do not want to see the doctor and who put me on medoc and become a foulbrood the impression of being in a dead end, voila I wanted to know what you think about it, if you have solutions I have I want to come back as I was before serene by being alone and with people no longer thinking about my breathing having the desire and being happy, I confide in no one maybe I have to open myself more impression of ‘not be like other young people to enjoy their life but despite its I don’t sink into drugs or alcohol I play sports and I try to be good in front of others, I do not go easily to people I am thinking of making an effort here to write my good thank you and good luck to those who are going to read. sarcastic: {}

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