Its presence reduces the risk of contamination among medical staff and provides psychological support to patients: in a hospital in Mexico City, a small robot goes from room to room to visit Covid-19 patients.

In Mexico, the little robot that gives courage to patients with Covid-19In Mexico, the little robot that gives courage to patients with Covid-19

Hello ! I am Laluchy the little robot. What’s your name ?“, repeats the android of 1.40 m and 37 kilos, before putting the patient in touch with a psychologist.

Located on the top of the robot, a screen allows dialogue, avoiding physical contact and the risk of infection.

The robot “travels alone and connects the patient with relatives (…) it also allows communication with medical staff“, explains to hooly News the neuropsychologist Lucia Ledesma, from Hospital 20 de Noviembre.

This “helps us with patient mental health“, adds Sandra Muñoz, responsible for the strategy against the new coronavirus within the institution.

The robot was integrated into the hospital in July as a “co-therapist” in the department which treats Covid-19 patients.

Besides bonding, it can make relaxing sounds to reduce stress and anxiety caused by patient isolation.

From Mexican technology, the robot has an integrated facial recognition system and moves thanks to sensors.

This allows us to be present through the robot, but without any exposure to aerosols in the Covid-19 zone“, emphasizes Lucia Ledesma.

For Rosa Maria Velázquez, a 55-year-old patient, using this technology is a “good idea”, like that “our loved ones see us and we see them, it gives courage to everyone“.

The little robot is part of a larger project at Hospital 20 de Noviembre to better manage the emotional disorders linked to the pandemic.

Mexico, a country of 128 million people, has recorded 579,914 confirmed cases and 62,594 deaths, making it the third most bereaved country in the world behind the United States and Brazil.

Created Aug 31, 2020


  • Photo: © Claudio Cruz / hooly News