The movement of yellow vests since its inception challenges many French citizens who for some without coming to join them on the places they often hold show their support with a wave of the hand, a word exchanged around a roundabout , or of a adhesion by the heart by putting the yellow vest on the dashboard of their vehicle. For the most part, the only time they’ll put on a Yellow Vest will be in an emergency, car stopped or on bike to have seen themselves, always a potentially dangerous situation. We followed the constituent yellow vests in one of their action on October 8 at the Bolloré Tower. They were for the occasion associated with another NGO Panafricanist Emergencies

Show white paw

After several long discussions with Michka, on the movement, the actions, the symbols of the yellow vests, the distress experienced, the pressures undergone, mutual aid, the reunion on the roundabouts, the various operations carried out smoothly in various places such as this one. at, Michka takes us through the manifesto (reproduced here in the appendix). This is not a reading of this document but a real illustrated explanation of economic, societal and life experiences. It is not a war against the republic but a “fight against oligarchic predation, banking and corruption of the system” says Michka and but against the instrumentalization at all levels to impoverish the people. People they embody. No violence in his words just the determination to find the way to be respected as a human being and to be able to live with dignity. Nor is it corporatism that he also denounces in his own way since union representatives are too often on the wrong side.

He explains to me that their movement has long reflected on its mission and the manifesto testifies to it, here it is not the “toothless” of François Hollande, but many enlightened French citizens who have long denounced the drift of a globalizing system. which always goes further. We claim as the Michka says “The sovereignty of the people”.

We talk about the various operations and the next one. Before we “integrate” he must validate this with his “comrades”. It’s true we are journalists and they have had a problem with the media before. No return then one morning, a message at 6:38 am:

Meeting point “11am Rue Godefroy crossing rue de Appel du 18 Juin”. Without further information or knowing the target. Michka is found with other “comrades” and it goes. The barrier gestures are respected, the mask is worn. We don’t know how many people are there but the sidewalks fill up and we see people walking down the street and seemingly heading towards one of the defense towers.

Entry into the Bolloré Tower without incident. The yellow vest is on the inside. Everything takes place in peace. A megaphone comes out of a backpack, a video camera to relay the event and the message delivered to the one they call “the oligarch Bolloré. “

“We denounce the financial predation of Vincent Bolloré in Africa, totally censored by its own media. An operation carried out with the Constituent Yellow Vests and the NGO Urgences Panafricanistes. “

It is not one person who takes the floor but four to deliver a message, a warning of sorts. Figures are given on African exploitation. About twenty minutes. The Tower’s employees, customers and suppliers listen, watch, comment and film with their smartphones.

Alerted, the police wait outside in discussion with one of the Yellow Vests. No sign of force or violence on either side, almost benevolence, until the commander asks one of the spokespersons to state her identity. An exchange ensues between the two parties and ends with a refusal to disclose the identity. The arguments are courteous and not one word above the other. Have law enforcement received any instructions? Still, at no time was the operation in a state of degeneration. They are far from the alleged thugs who polluted certain demonstrations. Michka will tell us after the fact that this is why they really want to control their operations.


The return on operation

After the intervention, we meet the team in a nearby cafe for a review of the operation, everyone takes the floor to say what was good or not good, what needs to be improved for the next “op”. Very interesting discussions about what is happening with other groups of yellow vests where the discontent is mounting. The lockdown has not helped, the government’s inconsistencies with the economy are of great concern to them. Everyone at their own level, more comfortable than others take the lead, but even if we feel the organization has broken down, it is above all the citizen collective, and the respect that appears.

It is indeed the demand for legal, political, economic and military sovereignty for all peoples that appears, regardless of skin color, religious denomination or any other communitarian considerations.

To be yellow vest

The media was doing an article to decipher this visible emblem and a color not so obvious to display for a social movement. Its main use is “to be seen”, here in a situation of social distress, but this is not true for everything, the clothes not always making the monk. From “Red Shirts” in Thailand, to “Yellow Umbrellas” in Hong Kong or “Pussy Hats” (pink caps) in the United States, the demonstrators sought to embody by a dress code or a color (the Ukrainian orange ) protest, while seeking to subvert this “sign” of identification. In ancient Rome and classical Greece, clothing represents social and political status. He opposes one category of citizens to others (women, metics, slaves…). Would the yellow vest be the costume of the people to regain their lost dignity? It is also something of equality since everyone has it in their wardrobe. By the time it took to open a glove box, the yellow vest has therefore become a symbol of discontent with impressive virality.

POLITICAL MANIFESTO of the Constituent Yellow Vests, part 1.

Citizens yellow vests, we have decided not to let ourselves be dispossessed by this system of values, powers and ultraliberal manipulations.

We want to live with dignity from our work.

We want justice and recognition for our elders.

We want a bright future for our children.

We want to live in supportive, participatory and ecological communities that respect nature and life.

We are men and women who have decided together not to live on our knees and to refuse to be instrumentalised or commodified.

We will no longer be economic and electoral adjustment variables!

The Yellow Vests are the (r) evolutionary vanguard of the French people; let us take back the power that we have delegated to these too often corrupt representatives, who prove incapable of serving the common good.

It is up to the French people and to them alone to establish the rules of their representativeness and to exercise their responsibilities by writing their own constitution.
We will no longer let our political representatives write it to their advantage and that of the powerful.

Without full monetary sovereignty, there can be no real, viable democracy. Also, we must give the Banque De France the monopoly of national monetary creation and keep it under the permanent control of the people.

From now on, we owe it to ourselves to give back to the fourth estate (press, television, radio, polling institutes) its independence by freeing these companies from oligarchic control, by setting up employee-associate cooperatives.

Today, my friends, let us make a common commitment to continue our legitimate and just struggle for emancipation, until we, the people, have taken control of our destiny.

Wherever we are, let’s not give in to attempts to smoke and take over politicians and unions.

The pyramidal, authoritarian and opaque structures of political parties and unions have systematically betrayed the cause of the people for 50 years.

These structures are part of the problem and therefore cannot contribute to its resolution as long as they remain in these forms of organization.

Friends yellow vests, union members and inserts, you who form the base of these unions and parties, it is time to establish direct and integral democracy!

It is time that you imposed binding mandates and permanent audits of the finances and work of your representatives by randomly drawn commissions from among the base.

Long live the citizen constitution drawn by lot! Strength and honor ! We do not let anything !

Political manifesto of the Constituent Yellow Vests, part 2.

Our enemy.

To the question of who is our enemy, we answer that our first enemy is all financial and speculative organizations as well as their ramifications in the media, NGOs, think-tanks, pressure groups and influence lobbies. .

We note that the totalitarian domination of our enemy rests on 4 pillars.

First pillar: the monopoly of money creation in the hands of private banks.

Second pillar: an illegitimate, irremediable and continuously increasing debt.

Third pillar: the shaping of public opinion by the oligarchic control of the mass media, the entertainment industry, polling institutes and certain NGOs to promote globalist, market and liberal ideology. These entities working for the destruction of moral and ethical principles within society and the borders outside it, in the name of an alleged march towards “progress” and “modernity”.

Fourth pillar: the constitution (law above law) written by those who should fear it: our political representatives.

To the question of the material goals of our enemy, we answer: maximization of rates of profit and infinite expansion of the realm of commodification.

This financial and globalized totalitarianism is the enemy of the yellow vests, the French and all sovereign peoples. It will not stop on its own, and it will end up plunging us all, into absolute social and ecological chaos in its mad race for profit, carried by the values ​​of materialism, consumerism, individualism and political correctness. .

Not wanting to recognize and denounce this implacable and inhuman enemy is to make oneself an objective ally and an accomplice in his crimes.

Beyond his servile servants and useful idiots, the enemy also plays on the cowardice and resignation of each of us.

Also for the defense of the common good, for the respect of our elders, for the future of our children and for the safeguard of our planet, we must federate all the energies, all the courage and all the wills to break the backs of the worst enemy that our humanity has known. In this titanic conflict, there will be no room for moderation and neutrality, the only alternative will be to win or to end up as a slave.

History and our children will judge us.

Strength and honor. We do not let anything!