What can Maeva Ghennam and Carla Moreau have in common? Apart from living in Dubai, and being stars of the Marseillais, not much! And yet, once made up in the same way and a wig of the same color on the head, the two Marseillaises look like binoculars. And that’s what Internet users saw on Instagram on Saturday, November 21. Maeva Ghennam shared a selfie where she poses with Ruby’s mom. The two girlfriends look at each other in a mirror, and are difficult to tell apart!

Same hairstyle, same makeup, same doll complexion, many Internet users have confused them, as the comments attest. “I thought it was the same person”, “They look like twins”, “I didn’t recognize Carla”, “Lookalikes”, “Sisters”, “Who is who?”, He said. we could read in the many comments left under the publication, where Maeva Ghennam would like to celebrate his three years of friendship with the sweetheart of Kevin Guedj. “You’ve been part of my life for 3 years now, I’ve known you for 3 years because 3 years ago I entered Australia in Brisbane with the Marseillais family. I love you for life on our 3 year friendship, ”the star wrote.

Maeva Ghennam knows she can count on the support of Carla Moreau, especially after being the victim of a stabbing attack in Marseille. And the friendship between the two contestants for the famous W9 reality show is not new. In 2019, after the (…)

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