“It will be high time, after this crisis, to ask ourselves what should have been done,” concedes Sibeth Ndiaye


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Coronavirus: the pandemic that worries the planet

EXPLANATIONS – Invited this Thursday, March 26 to the political interview with Elizabeth Martichoux, Sibeth Ndiaye returned to the management of the crisis of the new coronavirus by the government, in particular the series of orders after the vote on the law establishing the state health emergency.

Invited this Thursday, March 26 from Elizabeth Martichoux, Sibeth Ndiaye, the government spokesperson, notably returned to the adoption by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday of a series of ordinances after the vote on the law establishing the state health emergency. Among them, one that caused a lot of reaction from the unions, the one allowing to work up to 60 hours a week. A position very criticized by the opposition but defended by Sibeth Ndiaye this Thursday morning on LCI: “This measure is maintained but it must be explained. In the moment that we cross, it is necessary to know how to take useful measures to maintain the chains of Being able to rearrange working time and rest is very useful to allow the productive apparatus to continue. It is an effort that we are asking for during the health emergency and this will return to normal afterwards. “

It is an understatement to say that the management of the new coronavirus crisis is causing discord. LR parliamentarians have already said they want a commission of inquiry in the fall to learn “all the lessons from the epidemic”. To which Sibeth Ndiaye replied on Monday: “We will be ready to answer (…) the government has taken responsibility and is not afraid to” be accountable “:” We are in an exceptional moment, it is important that everyone understands that it has a role to play “she specifies this Thursday on LCI.” The caregivers like all those who work. They are very important, so that we have water, electricity, to eat … As for staying at home, it is very important too, to break the chains of contamination. It will be high time, after this crisis, to ask ourselves what should have been done. Now is not the time. “

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Controversial and mea culpa

Another question that tickles the French: the exact duration of their confinement beyond the fortnight officially announced. On this point, no clarification yet: “We will announce our decision in the next few days,” she says. “Beyond the recommendations of the scientific council, which requires at least six weeks of confinement, we seek to compile data, in particular the experience of the first departments affected.”

To justify the call to help farmers, the government spokeswoman said it was not “ask a teacher who is not working today”, forgetting that they are on the job. remote bridge or for caregivers’ children. An unfortunate sentence, as the teachers and teachers of course provide distance teaching continuity or class the children of caregivers. This Thursday morning, she is doing her mea culpa again. The period does not allow this kind of eccentric declaration, she recognized a formula “completely stupid” and pleaded a human error: “In this period, it is very easy to criticize and to make controversies on everything. It is not not every day obvious to speak the government. I meant there was no contradiction in calling people to help farmers while asking people to stay home. I said that the teachers’ example was not the right one. Now the error is human, and I tell people on social media that real life is made up of successes, but also of mistakes. It’s not by making controversies about everything that we get things done. “

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