An advertisement of the Herta brand versus one of their breeding filmed by L214. The products from these pigs are marketed under the name “Préférence” created by the brand. “According to the Herta website, a “Preference” breeding Herta is supposed to be a breeding where the breeders are respectful of the environment, respectful of animal welfare. It is supposed to be a sector, the “Préférence” sector, which is a modern and responsible sector.“, explains Sébastien Arsac, founder of L214. According to him, the sector does nothing in terms of animal welfare.”It is a voluntary approach by the Herta sector which is used above all for communication“, he points out.

Faced with what it considers a deception towards consumers, L214 decided to file a complaint against the Herta brand. In recent years, appellations such as the “Préférence” sector have multiplied on the shelves but they do not all guarantee the same product quality and the same production conditions. “What is important to see today is that we have many, many private labels, labels for which we do not really know the specifications that are behind“, underlines Camille Dorioz, campaign manager for Foodwatch France. Faced with the proliferation of these labels, medals and appellations, it is important to distinguish between private and public appellations.

The public labels are managed by the National Institute of Origin and Quality and are five in number. They meet strict specifications, the farms are controlled and the penalties for non-compliance with standards are heavy. On the other hand, no label is specifically devoted to animal welfare in France except for the numbering on the eggs ranging from 0 to 4 depending on the type of breeding and part of the specifications of certain public labels.