LDLC: Work less to earn as much

“I would never have dared to ask!” It is with this cry from the heart that Patrick Lusson, research and data manager at LDLC, welcomed the announcement made by his boss this summer. Laurent de la Clergerie, founder of this Lyon online sales company for computer equipment, has promised 800 of his employees to switch them from 2021 to a four-day week, without loss of pay. A decision against the current “work more” and “independent of the pandemic”, assures the CEO. “The idea sprouted in my mind last year after reading an article on Microsoft.” In August 2019, the American IT giant indeed tested the four-day week for employees of its Japanese subsidiary.

Result of the experience: an increase in the well-being of employees and an increase in productivity of 40%. “I was inspired by it, convinced that giving the teams one more day, so that they can do everything they did not have time to do during the week, will allow them to breathe a little and to recharge one’s batteries, ”argues the manager who will set up a shift method so that every two or three weeks employees can ask their Friday, obviously a very popular day.

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Internally, the announcement of this reduction in working time was very well received, despite the fear of certain executives of not being able to complete everything in 32 hours of work per week. “I reassured them by telling them that they will get there if they delegate more and empower their employees. It’s a virtuous circle: executives will work less, and teams will gain skills, ”notes this enlightened leader.

This initiative has of course a cost for the company, around 1 million euros, but Laurent de la Clergerie is ready to pay the price. “There will be no reduction in wages for employees, they will be paid 35 hours for 32 hours worked. In return, the company will hire around thirty people to make up for the gap in schedules generated by the day freed up, ”agrees the CEO, who does not rule out the idea of ​​spending, one day, at 28 hours worked by week.

Leboncoin: a new head office chosen on the basis of employee addresses

SP leboncoin

A building of more than 8,000 square meters surrounded by green walls, with a rooftop, gardens, a gym, an American-style dinner, relaxation areas, flexible offices … This summer, in the middle of August , 700 of the 1,400 employees of the Leboncoin group – the sales, human resources, finance, advertising teams – have moved to invest in UFO (Unique Flexible offices), the new headquarters of the classifieds site. The location chosen in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, in the Sentier, was enacted collegially. “We calculated a barycenter from the addresses of employees to determine a target area. It was important that the site was not too far from the teams’ homes, ”explains Alexandre Collinet, deputy general manager of the company.

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Because at Bon Coin, we do not joke with the working conditions, greeted and approved by 90% of employees. There is no question of disappointing them or seeing this love rating melt away with a move, which is often considered a source of stress and worry. “We have set up a project team with ten staff members so that they participate in the layout of the spaces and feel involved in the project.”

Result of these consultations: dozens of creative ideas, such as the creation of 12 “cabinets of curiosities”, a kind of work rooms decorated with atmospheres of cars, music, library… all in a vintage spirit. “Our workforce has an average age of 33, it is important to attract talent and retain them with optimal working conditions. It is an essential lever today, you have to know how to make people want to entertain, ”says the manager. Successful bet: the absenteeism rate is only 2% against 5% on average in France.

Oracle France: a 24-hour medical concierge service

A Sunday afternoon, in the open countryside and, suddenly, the urgent need to see a doctor for a sick child! This is what happened to this Oracle employee, who, in less than an hour, obtained a teleconsultation with a health professional. Like the 1,400 employees of the IT group, he simply connected to Concilio, a health consultation service set up by his employer. “This is a medical platform that provides 24-hour access to teleconsultations or making appointments with general practitioners or specialists,” explains Isabelle Quaak, compensation and social benefits manager at Oracle France.

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Deployed just before confinement, the service is already being emulated: 515 registered employees and more than 630 requests for teleconsultations and / or appointments. “This solution offers real added value to staff: no travel, no waiting, no extended appointment times… It saves time for them and, in the end, increases our productivity. », Says Isabelle Quaak. A win-win exchange!

Dataiku: solidarity days to feel useful

SP Dataiku

At Dataiku, a specialist in data processing, around fifty employees have converted to… ikigai! This Japanese philosophy of finding meaning in your life and a raison d’être is spreading like wildfire in the world of start-ups. Dataiku, created in 2013, is no exception to the trend and has seized this lever of personal development. It offers all of its employees the opportunity to take 2.5 days (paid of course) per year of seniority to devote themselves to good causes. “It is a desire of the founders of the company, they want to share their success with employees by allowing them to invest in impactful actions that give meaning.

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Employees can thus get involved with associations such as Restos du cœur, Action contre la Faim, Vaincre la cysticfiscidose, Girls in Tech… and give either of their time or of their skills ”, explains Emilie Stojanowski, program manager. Ikig-Ai internally. Since the launch of the initiative in early 2019, more than 265 days of volunteering have been made available by company employees. “The operation is successful because it allows employees to invest in useful actions that enhance their value.

We are happy to help them find their ikigai at work, ”continues the manager, who regularly receives positive feedback from“ Dataikers ”. Like that of Ina, from the marketing department: “I took part for the first time in a food drive for the Restos du cœur. I was able to help and this experience brought me a lot of joy. ” Or Alexandre, trainer: “I am proud that my company encourages its employees to do this kind of action. It’s rare !” So unusual that Dataiku received for this HR innovation an Award for well-being at work, awarded by the firm Bloom at Work.

L’Olivier Assurance: a ministry of fun to strengthen team cohesion

Work seriously without taking yourself seriously! Along with communication, fairness and recognition, “fun” is one of the four founding pillars of L’Olivier Assurance, a subsidiary of the British group Admiral. Since the creation of the company in 2011, the 370 French employees spread over two sites in Marseille and Paris are in turn invited to become members of the MOF (Ministry Of Fun), understand the ministry of fun. “Each month, for a day, the teams of a department animate the offices with fun activities. It can be dance or song competitions, clearance sales, workshops, games in the form of quizzes …

The objective is to develop and strengthen team cohesion while having fun ”, explains Aude Cousin, Director of Human Resources. In Paris, 100% of employees (mainly executives and support functions) play the game and participate in MOF events. In Marseille, where more than 300 call center agents work, the membership rate is lower, with around a hundred participants each month. “We do not impose anything, employees register if they want, but 88% appreciate these events which promote conviviality and, above all, out of the ordinary”, continues the HRD.

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From “Pajama Saturdays” to “Everything’s Permitted Friday”, including contests inspired by “Top Chef” or “France has an incredible talent” TV shows, employees are free to express their creativity as they see fit. “This means renewing ourselves and finding activities that change so as not to tire our employees. But we are convinced: people who do what they love with a smile do it better. ” This relaxed atmosphere is complemented by a set of small bonuses: free shares awarded to all employees, bonuses indexed to performance but also to quality indicators, etc.

In 2016, when Henry Engelhardt, the founder of the group, announced his retirement, he offered £ 1,000 to each of the employees as a token of gratitude and appreciation. This philosophy of sharing and fun seems to be bearing fruit: the turnover of 15% is well below the 25% observed in the sector and the company has gone, in six years, from 39th to 11th place in the ranking. Great Place To Work.

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Norauto France: 105,000 hours of meter training

Reynald VERFAILLE / SP Norauto

Laurent was director of an auto center in the South, he is now an executive at the head office of Norauto France, in Sainghin-en-Mélantois, near Lille. He followed the Zig Zag program offered by his northern employer. “We facilitate internal mobility paths and offer our 6,500 employees the possibility of moving from one position to another according to their desires and their aptitudes”, explains Louise Baert, recruitment leader at Norauto. To enable them to acquire the skills necessary for their career development, the auto maintenance and repair specialist is putting the whole package on training.

In 2019, 105,000 hours were provided in its internal school, L’Institut, and its 34 training centers throughout France. “7,600 employees were trained last year at our various sites, and 113 obtained a professional qualification certificate (CQP). This diploma validates their skills and knowledge. He is recognized, it is a plus to add to their CV ”, underlines Louise Baert. Assessment of this return to the school benches: a score of 4.03 / 5 concerning employee satisfaction and especially 3% less turnover in 2019. “This is a valuable indicator for us, it allows to have a concrete picture of the loyalty of the teams and the attachment of the employees to the company. ” Loyalty visibly well established: at Norauto, the average length of service of employees is fifteen years.

Aviva: parenthood without guilt

We knew the maternity leave, paternity and parental in the event of the birth or adoption of a child. Aviva employees can add parental leave, a precursor concept invented from scratch by the French insurer in 2017. “It is a leave for the second parent, of ten weeks, to be taken within the following six months. the arrival or reception of the child. He is paid normally, basic compensation is maintained, ”explains Sylvie Chartier-Gueudet, director of inclusion and well-being at work. Offered for more than two years, the system is progressing year after year internally: it has attracted 80% of the new fathers and mothers of the company in 2018 and 98% in 2019. It has even been emulated outside .

At the start of 2020, 100 companies like Blablacar, L’Occitane or Big Mama also got involved in the field of parenthood. They signed the “Parental Act” charter offering at least four weeks of fully paid leave to the second parent. “Parenthood has its place in career paths, whether you are a man or a woman. Society is changing, and so are our employees. They have new expectations in terms of work-life balance, and professional equality, ”insists Sylvie Chartier-Gueudet. The well-being director, also initiator of numerous actions aimed at employees with disabilities or belonging to the LGBT community, is convinced of the advantages of these inclusion measures: “When an employee knows that he can take time to devote himself to his family life, he is also more present and inclined to give back to the company. ”

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During the confinement period, the group thus set up a new organization to support the parents of school-going children or young children. In addition to the generalization of teleworking, which has increased from 40% to 98% of the workforce, employees have had the possibility of reducing their working time (by 10 to 50%) without a reduction in salary. “” We also supported schooling. In some regions, schools have been closed, parents may have felt helpless, I am thinking in particular of those who had children who passed the baccalaureate or the certificate, but also the youngest who found themselves doing home schooling. We set up what is called the Campus de la Parentalité, a distance learning offer. More than 180 parents have used it. ” A post-containment survey indicated that 91% of employees appreciated the well-being measures put in place by their employer during the period.

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