The more the health crisis advances, the less the support of Emmanuel Macron is. But, paradoxically, his confidence rating is doing relatively well and is even rebounding a little. According to a latest Harris Interactive poll, the head of state enjoys 49% good opinions. That’s three points more than in October. For Jean-Daniel Lévy, director of the political and opinion department of Harris Interactive who spoke in The Parisian, Emmanuel Macron “is doing much better than his predecessors”, François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, at the same stage of the presidential mandate. “The French have the feeling, that despite the difficulties, (he) holds the bar and follows his roadmap.”

The interpretation of the results, made by Jean-Daniel Lévy, certainly made François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy wince. But we must put these figures into perspective. Because, on the one hand, the slightest misstep, little phrase or controversy, can again bring down Emmanuel Macron’s confidence rating. And on the other hand, as Le Parisien points out, the poll was carried out between 24 and 26 November, that is to say before the debate around the so-called global security law escalated … before the muscular evacuation of migrants instead of the Republic in Paris, and before the police violence suffered by music producer Michel Zecler.

Michel Zecler’s assault sparked a lot of shocked and indignant reactions everywhere on social networks, whether from political figures, athletes or (…)

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