Specializing in the organization of corporate sports sessions, MA VIE EN SPORT offers a wide range of tailor-made activities. Employee well-being, strengthening of the immune system, dynamism of the teams: in view of its many advantages, this type of sports session is now enjoying great success.

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Help businesses by offering them tailor-made sports sessions for employees, directly at their workplace: this is the primary mission of MA VIE EN SPORT.

Former HR Director at PwC, Fabienne Le Cocguen has been running the MA VIE EN SPORT company since 2018, with the desire to contribute to improving the quality of life at work. A new professional project in which Fabienne uses the many skills acquired during her career in human resources.

I wanted to continue to work in a lié to l’Human and to the qualitylife at work, but through a diff approacherent. Our strength cis theretailor-made support for our customers in the hardée, regardless of the size of their business. This accompaniment is lowé on the privileged relationégiée that we build with them, associatedée at a real job’Éteamed up with our coaches and those in charge of monitoring participant satisfaction. We leave great freedomé at our coaches in their falesson dAnimate the smeetings, and the remunerons up to their competences, c’Is essential details Fabienne Le Cocguen.

Cardio session by MAVIEENSPORT

Cardio session – MY LIFE IN SPORT

First established in Île-de-France, the company is now extending its services to Lyon and Lille, but also internationally by supporting its customers by videoconference depending on their location, as recently in London and even Mauritius. .

MY LIFE IN SPORT: the usefulness of sport and well-being in business

Sport and well-being in the workplace have become obvious. For this to work, Fabienne Le Cocguen explains that it is then necessary to surround yourself with high level coaches so that they can benefit from their experience in their discipline, and that they are able to share their passion. Practical details such as proximity, the quality of the premises, or the timetable are also keys to success.

Beyond a simple corporate sport service, MA VIE EN SPORT develops a close link with its customers through long-term support and regular discussions with its contact person in society to adapt the programs to their needs. “ Businesses quickly become partners. 98% of participants are very satisfied with this possibility offered by their company, as recently the teams at Maje »Adds the manager.

Sport and well-being in business - MAVIEENSPORT

Sport and well-being in the workplace – MA VIE EN SPORT

MA VIE EN SPORT’s tailor-made offer

The company offers a wide variety of activities such as cardio (running, cardio training, fitness, muscle building) but also combat sports to let off steam between two meetings with boxing sessions, self defense, or of krav maga. MA VIE EN SPORT also offers gentle disciplines such as yoga, pilates or stretching, as well as “well-being” activities or workshops: relaxation therapy, mindfulness, nutrition, gestures & postures workshop, or plantar reflexology, and massages .

TodayToday, our customers have become partners. They support us in this pperiod of crisis, and we are inventing new formats with them. Videoconferencing interventionserence rrespond to their strong needs’Support for their teams. VSThat’s also what motivates us : do not just reproduce what works but rinvent, test ! »Fabienne Le Cocguen concludes.

Boxing session - MAVIEENSPORT

Boxing session – MY LIFE IN SPORT

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