Black Friday 2020: new date, selection of Friday 20 November 2020

BLACK FRIDAY. Black Friday 2020 should indeed be postponed to Friday, December 4. But at the merchants, as every year, the promotional machine is already launched several days before the key date. Discover our selection of good deals of the day …

Black Friday 2020 should indeed be postponed to Friday, December 4. Amazon announced yesterday its intention to postpone the date of the biggest commercial operation of the year, following in the footsteps of Carrefour and Leclerc who had announced a postponement a few hours earlier. Other merchants are expected to follow. The initial date of Black Friday, November 27, 2020, should therefore correspond to a simple taste of the promos that will then sweep through merchants. Usually, merchants indeed open a “Black Friday Week” one week before “Black Friday”. But it is already possible to benefit from some crossed out prices. The tips pages, flash sales and promotions on Christmas shopping have already started here and there. Great deals are available at Fnac, at Darty, Boulanger, Amazon or even CDiscount. From smartphones to washing machines, laptops, televisions and the essential game consoles, discover below a selection of the best discounts currently online.

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10:51 – A Velobécane electric bike at almost 50% on CDiscount

This will undoubtedly be one of the emerging phenomena of Black Friday 2020. With the purchasing aids that have developed in recent months, the electric bicycle may be popular at the end of November. The 26 ‘Vélobécane 7-speed electric bike, equipped with disc brakes and a range of 40km, is at nearly -50% on CDiscount at the moment. It is currently sold 629.99 euros against 1199.99 euros. A superb price for this bike with a high carbon steel frame, for more lightness, maneuverability, speed and equipped with a Shimano TY300 rear transmission system.

10:48 – Nearly 250 euros in savings on a Samsung window washing machine

The Samsung WW80M645OPW QUICKDRIVE window washing machine is also currently sold off at Darty with a posted price of 599 euros instead of 749 euros in strikethrough price. This washing machine has a capacity of 8 kg (65.6 L drum), allows variable spinning up to 1400 rpm, offers the options of delayed end / display of the remaining time. it is classified – Class A +++ (-40%). Specific programs: Express 15 ‘, Super fast 39 min., Colors, Waterproof, Wool, Delicates, Sheets …

10:32 – The 11-inch iPad pro (2020) is 769.64 euros at Rakuten with Black Friday

The Apple iPad Pro 11 “tablet, released in 2020 (Wi-Fi 128 GB Space Gray) is at 769.64 euros instead of 899 euros at Rakuten right now, that’s a -14% discount. Compared to previous generations of iPad, this model unveiled last March offers a dual rear photo sensor. Besides the general improvement in performance, it can also be paired with a Magic Keyboard, which itself has a trackpad.

10:29 – The Samsung hooly-news.comxy Note benefits from 200 euros of discount with withdrawal in store

The Samsung hooly-news.comxy Note benefits from 200 euros of discount with withdrawal in store at Fnac at the moment. Several models are affected by this great promotion: the Samsung hooly-news.comxy Note20 6.7 “Dual SIM 256 GB as the hooly-news.comxy Note20 Ultra 6.9” Dual SIM 256 GB, 5G compatible. Already a great opportunity to equip yourself before the arrival of this new ultra-fast techno (vsee offers).

10:12 – The Fitbit Versa 2 at -25% before Black Friday 2020

The Fitbit Versa 2 is also 25% off before Black Friday 2020, still on Amazon. The fitness and well-being connected watch has particularly ergonomic voice control with integrated Amazon Alexa, and a multitude of tools and data to improve sleep. The watch is for sale at 148.99 euros against 199.95 euros in crossed out price, a reduction of more than 25%.

09:55 – A Microsoft Surface Pro 7 pack at -42% or more than 700 euros in savings

This is one of the main deals in this pre-Black Friday streak. Among its various pre-Christmas promotions, Fnac offers a particularly interesting offer. Currently, we can find on the French e-commerce site a PC pack including Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 in version 12.3 “(8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD) as well as a Microsoft Type Cover keyboard, a Microsoft Surface Mobile Platinum mouse and a stylus for less than 1000 euros instead of a theoretical price of 1719.99 euros. A reduction which corresponds to -42%.

09:44 – Huawei PCs and tablets on sale at Amazon

We will certainly talk again in the coming days of the excellent Huawei P30, and its versions in P30 Pro and P30 lite. But at this point, on Amazon, these are the Brand PCs and tablets which are on sale, well before Black Friday. Among the offers we can find the Huawei MateBook D 15 2020 15.6 ” (1080p FHD, Intel Core i5-10210U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Home) at 599 euros instead of 699 euros, or 100 euros in savings.

9:39 am – Rakuten is offering Bose headphones on sale this Friday

The Sony WH-1000XM3 B headphones, wireless Bluetooth – NFC, equipped with an active noise canceling and a 3.5mm jack input, are currently at -41% at Rakuten during the Christmas flash sales “. It’s sold 221.99 euros instead of 379 euros. Its big brother, the Sony WH-1000XM4, is for its part at -32% or 264.89 euros instead of 399 euros.

9:30 am – Amazon offers up to 25% off robot vacuum cleaners

Among the good plans and commercial operations to prepare for Christmas in progress, Amazon is currently offering -25% on a selection of robot vacuum cleaners. A good way to equip yourself and let the machine pass the vacuum for you in the coming months and even the next years. Among the offers, some even exceed -50% in display. The ECOVACS Deebot 605 robot vacuum cleaner with 2 in 1 washer and 2 Years Warranty is for example at 159.98 euros instead of 319 euros in strikethrough price. The ultra-thin and quiet Eufy by anker RoboVac 11S MAX vacuum cleaner is sold 164.99 euros instead of 219.99 euros.

09:17 – The price of the Playstation 4 drops before Black Friday

With the release of the Playstation 5, the previous generation of Sony consoles is also one of the highly anticipated products for Black Friday promotions. The price of the PS4 will be closely watched over the next few days. At this stage, we have already spotted a reduction of 50 euros on the Playstation 4 at Fnac with this PS4 Pro 1 TB console + 24 months of PS NOW at 349.99 euros instead of 399.99 euros.

09:08 – The iPhone 11 goes to 677 euros at CDiscount before Black Friday

Hello and welcome to this live dedicated to the promos that are starting to intensify a few days before Black Friday. This Friday morning, the white iPhone 11 64GB (with power adapter) passes at 677 euros at CDiscount. For a few days it has already benefited from attractive prices at merchants, but it still loses a few tens of euros. With the release of the iPhone 12 barely wrapped up, the prices of the iPhone 11 will be one to watch in the coming days. They could still drop sharply during Black Friday.


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Black Friday was initially scheduled for Friday, November 27, 2020, but it should be postponed to December 4, 2020. This postponement, requested by some representatives of artisans and traders, penalized by the confinement, has received government support. Finally, Carrefour, Leclerc and then Amazon announced that they agreed to postpone the mega-commercial operation of the year. If many other online merchants have not yet announced their decision, we can bet that many will follow suit. Black Friday 2020 will therefore be held exceptionally at the beginning of December.

Like every year, this date only corresponds to the day when the most important promotions will be offered: in reality, Black Friday has already started, it will only intensify in the coming days. During the last editions of Black Friday, e-commerce sites have made a habit of starting their campaign of slashed prices several days before the official date, with a “Black Friday week”. It could therefore begin on Friday, November 27.

This is a gigantic commercial operation, born in the 1950s in the United States, traditionally organized on the Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday. Black Friday was imported to Europe and France in the 2010s, on the initiative of the large online sales groups. Retailers and major brands often offer significant discounts on a selection of items, supported by a huge advertising campaign to attract consumers. At the same time, a protest movement has developed, more and more audible over the years, to denounce the overconsumption linked to Black Friday.

The promotions cover absolutely all areas for Black Friday. But while during the sales, it is the clothes at reduced prices that are the most sought after, consumers are even more looking for products of all kinds during Black Friday. It must be said that many French people take this opportunity to start Christmas shopping. Online, high tech products are in high demand. This year, game consoles (notably the PS4 and Xbox One) could be among the star products of Black Friday.

All merchants are free to decide whether or not to organize a business transaction for Black Friday, whether on the Internet or in stores. The shops are generally numerous to offer discounts, with a promotional display, as the exercise wants, quite aggressive. But given the Covid-19 crisis and the spread of the virus, it is likely that many consumers will be turning away from physical stores authorized to open to shop online. And the web giants are ready, some of which will participate in Black Friday 2020. Here is a non-exhaustive list: Amazon, La Fnac / Darty, CDiscount, Rue du commerce, Auchan, Leclerc, H&M, Undiz, Apple, AlloBébé, Auchan, 3 Suisses, Boulanger, Best buy, Carrefour, Comptoir des irlandais, Conforama, Pixmania, La Redoute, Yves Rocher, Sony, Sephora, Sarenza, iDrones, Zalando, Zara …

The preparation for Black Friday 2020 was disrupted by containment at the end. The Minister Delegate for Industry Agnès Pannier-Runacher then got Amazon to suspend its pre-Black Friday communication campaign, which began on Monday, October 26. The American giant had launched with drums and trumpets a first round of deals. Faced with the anger of independent traders, outraged to see supermarkets and digital giants benefit from their closure, Amazon has agreed to review its plans. “I asked Amazon to suspend the pre-Black Friday campaign because it was not at all appropriate at this time when 200,000 traders will have to close their doors,” Agnès Pannier-Runacher indicated on Saturday 31st October, adding that “the management of Amazon, in responsibility”, had agreed to withdraw this operation. The Prime Minister for his part encouraged the French to postpone their Christmas shopping, asking them not to order products on “a large foreign site”, implicitly targeting Amazon. At the time of this writing, the page previously devoted to the operation on the Amazon site always responds, but without mentioning Black Friday elsewhere than in the URL.

Amazon is one of the main Black Friday players every year in France. It was even under the impetus of the American company that this huge commercial operation was imported into France. After the false start at the end of October, confinement should not be right for the real period of Black Friday which should begin on November 20 at the American giant. For a week (several days before Black Friday set for November 27 and until the following Monday), Amazon will offer thousands of products at reduced prices. For this 2020 version of Black Friday, Amazon will once again carry out promotions on its Kindle and Alexia products and a selection of items to stand out: Apple products, smartphones, vacuum cleaners (a classic at Amazon), cameras, speakers , headsets and earphones, PCs and tablets mainly. But Amazon is also traditionally very ingenious during Black Friday to offer other types of products, in the beauty, childcare, DIY and even grocery departments.

In just a few years, Fnac has become one of the major players in Black Friday in France. A big highlight for the brand: in addition to physical stores, the group’s website is devoted to the commercial event when it begins. Fnac has already announced that it will be there on November 27 for Black Friday, but it is almost certain that the discounts will start at least on Monday November 23. For this 2020 edition, the star products of Black Friday at Fnac will of course be high tech, smartphones, consoles and video games. A page is already dedicated to Black Friday on the Fnac website.

Even more during Black Friday than at other times of the year, Darty stands out with interesting offers on small and large appliances. We can therefore expect promotions on ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, but also on coffee machines and kitchen appliances. If you ignore it, the Darty website allows you to find all the offers, with also high tech items, such as televisions, smartphones or even headphones and audio speakers. A page is already dedicated to Black Friday on the Darty website.

The French online sales giant is already trying to be attractive for Black Friday 2020. On the page dedicated to the operation of its website, CDiscount announces the color: “Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this race for the best promotion, to seek the craziest reduction, the best deal. One question only arises, will you arrive on time?”. Like last year, the start of Black Friday on CDiscount should take place several days before November 27 and should concern all the sections of the brand, from high tech to DIY, to video games and household appliances.

Unpleasant surprises are not uncommon during the days of Black Friday, with sometimes contentious or illegal practices aimed at harming customers. Some also consider that this high mass of promotions supercharges the excesses of hyperconsumption. The fact remains that during Black Friday, merchants can attract the attention of consumers like never before and they can really – if they are well informed – do good business, a few weeks before the end of the year holidays.

Be careful in any case to remain vigilant during the period of the Black Friday 2020 promotions in France. It should be borne in mind that unlike during the sales period, traders are not subject to strict legislation which firmly regulates the way in which discounts are displayed. It is therefore common to see crossed out prices on e-commerce sites that do not correspond at all to current market prices. In reality, many articles are offered with -50%, -70% or -80% in an abusive manner. Last year, AFOC also wished to warn about malicious practices: “‘AFOC warns consumers first of all against too attractive offers on online sales sites, especially outside the European Union. It reminds in particular that the advertised prices do not always include the taxes due when the product enters France and that in the event of disputes (non-delivery, faulty after-sales service, etc.) appeals can be difficult. consumers that this event will probably be an opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of the gullibility of unwary Internet users in search of the “good deal”: fake promotional ads, fake official merchant websites, phishing by SMS, phone or email, fake carrier, bogus tech support, bogus after-sales service, ransomware attacks “.