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Physaro got a taste for sales in virtual meetings

Between March and May 2020, Physaro, the Parisian specialist in meeting sales of wellness products, had to resolve to switch to videoconferencing. No choice. Its turnover had plunged by 89% for its sales of relaxation bedding and pressotherapy and magnetotherapy equipment. But at Physaro, the “Mr. Tupperware” chic version which invited individuals interested in product presentations in hotels, casinos, golf courses or restaurants, during “convivial moments”, this new channel has proved to be a great tool. So much so that the distribution company is reviewing its model and is targeting 70% of remote activity by 2021.

Launched in 2012 by Jean-Philippe Palomino, a self-taught entrepreneur, Physaro employs 450 people in France and Canada, but also in Andorra (“back office” and purchase of products) as well as in Morocco and Senegal (centers of calls and advisers). The company generated 25 million euros in turnover, consolidated in 2019. Its business model is based on direct sales, from the factory to the individual customer. ” Our core business is the referencing of quality relaxation products ”, explains Rémy Prunac, Managing Director. “We have grown very quickly, we own our own 38,000 customer base, we provide after-sales service ourselves and videoconferencing reinforces our values, those of a non-intrusive and non-aggressive sale. “

Five studios

Physaro has automated its procedures. The first virtual meeting took place on May 11 in a company office transformed into a studio. Customers had been called to tell their friends about the new tool, and the concept took hold. Two weeks later, Physaro opened a second studio, then two others and a fifth in Canada, and already organizes 70 virtual meetings per week. “ We reach an equivalent level of performance, it is an extraordinary vector of development ”, admits Rémy Prunac, who estimates savings of around 8% compared to meetings “in person”. With this new route, it aims for faster entry into the markets of the French Antilles and North America, but also into the isolated territories hitherto left aside.