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Seoul City Hall's advice to pregnant women is controversial

This is an article that is causing real controversy in South Korea. A guide to good conduct, published by the town hall of the country’s capital, therefore recommends that pregnant women anticipate the stay in the maternity ward. On the program, preparing meals for their husbands or even managing the laundry, reports Point which relayed a dispatch from hooly News. The document, published in 2019, was recently spotted by Internet users. In the face of the outcry, he was removed from the site.

On Monday January 11, however, a petition collecting more than 20,000 signatures called on the government to go further in punishing the authors of the document. Beyond the recommendations to take care of their husbands, South Korean women were also urged to keep small clothes close during pregnancy to “encourage” them not to overeat. According to the authors of the Pregnancy and Childbirth Information Center website, pregnant women also did not have to “postpone household chores, such as cleaning or washing dishes” in order to maintain their weight.

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In a statement, the Seoul local government has already admitted not having “carefully reviewed” the document before its publication, specifies The Parisian. However, he denies having displayed sexism, citing instead a desire to avoid “inconvenience” in the family. The timing of this affair is far from ideal for South Korea. As detailed International mail, the country already has the lowest fertility rate in the world. In the third quarter of 2020, the country thus had the lowest fertility rate of 2020 with 0.84 babies per woman. Far from the average rate of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) which is 1.65.

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