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Simpson children are old

The Simpson children rocked the childhood of young people born in the 1990s until today. Their youthful appearance and their escapades are well known to fans of the series, but have they kept their young age during all these years? Amelia Tait asked herself the question for Vice and did not believe it for a second.

Since the very first episode in 1989, 682 episodes of the series have been broadcast over thirty-one seasons, enough to make you dizzy. At the beginning of The Simpsons, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are 10, 8 and 1 year old respectively. The three behave like children then grow, evolve and sometimes reach an advanced age.

He is the oldest child and is two years older than his sister Lisa. Yet it is far from brilliant. For Amelia Tait, Bart does not age until season 7. In the first seasons, despite some surprising behaviors for his age, like his tattoo at only 10 years old, he remains a child and goes through periods tinged with fears, sorrows and nonsense.

From season 7, everything changes. Bart begins to age. He reached adulthood from season 16 when he lost his last baby tooth. He also announces that he himself became an adult at that time. Two seasons later, he obtained a driver’s license and fell in love with a teenage girl, whom he kissed.


“data-reactid =” 29 “> Bart pauses his amateur joker career by stopping to call Moe to annoy him. But the seasons passing, his taste for pranks does not weaken and takes a new dimension. His childhood nonsense for which he felt remorse is behind him. In season 30, he even traps the bartender by ordering a Russian fiancée from him on the dark web. criminals are subject (…) Read more on