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IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DELTA DIRECT LIVE – Take time for yourself, recharge your batteries, reconnect with the essentials… pretty promises that are sometimes complex to follow. Namastrip invites everyone to regain self-esteem through 100% well-being stays. In France or abroad, this new generation travel agency offers regenerative parentheses.

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Namastrip or the desire to dust off well-being

It was during a trip to Bali that Marion Sibille and Séverine Bugeon crossed their path. A traveling trip for one and a yoga retreat for the other allowed them to share the same observation: finding a stay around well-being is difficult. Today, for a majority of French people, decompression mainly involves spas and thalassos.

But what about more current practices such as yoga, meditation or personal development? From this observation, the two friends make it a real entrepreneurial project. The idea of ​​offering complete, modern and quality programs is part of this desire to calm your body, mind and soul.

A new vision of travel

Being an actor in your life also means knowing how to put it on hold. Often taken by the excitement of everyday life, the mind is subject to more or less significant stress and tension. Taking time for yourself is not a whim, but a necessity to stay in control of your conscience.

Namastrip offers time-outs to reconnect to yourself. More than just a stay, the agency designs interior trips that make sense. The goal is to leave a mark in his life through real human experiences. The travel agency is certified and registered with Atout France. By placing people at the center of its concerns, Namastrip is committed to claiming its label of trust.

Stays fulfilling a targeted promise

Whether you want to understand your stress, combine yoga and the discovery of surfing, learn to love yourself better and develop your self-confidence, or simply breathe, Namastrip articulates your stay around a specific objective. From this starting point, the team selects with care its stakeholders and the places of destination. The offers are designed with professionalism and thoroughness in order to create meaning.

Namastrip collaborates with local agencies in the design of its distant programs. It finds places conducive to disconnection and welcoming of its participants, from surf-house, to the privatized villa or even the more intimate hotel. To respond to a specific problem, each stay highlights a universe:

– Yoga, Pilates, surfing,

– Meditation and spirituality,

– Personal development,

– Detox,

– Holistic retreat.

From one day to one week, the duration of the experience is defined according to the content of the workshops and the participants’ need for decompression.

Collective well-being as a mantra

Beyond reconnecting to oneself, Namastrip works to meet others. In an intimate group, 10 to 15 participants discover various practices in a soothing environment. The human being is placed at the heart of each stay with an emphasis on sharing, listening and exchange. According to the identified promise, the courses and workshops lead to total letting go.

In a spirit of non-judgment, tolerance and kindness, activities are coupled with the discovery of oneself, of the other and of another vision of life. Namastrip cultivates strong values ​​orchestrating all of its stays. Honesty, responsibility, service, commitment, kindness and respect are the foundations of the agency. This total immersion in well-being allows clients to surpass themselves, dare to discover and recharge their batteries.

Continue to transform the future

Since 2018, Namastrip has managed to forge a committed community. By campaigning for well-being and reconnection to oneself, the travel agency aspires to expand its aura. For 2021, Namastrip wishes to strengthen its workshops in companies. Always in this spirit of benevolence and sharing, the agency delivers its tools and expertise to reduce stress. Short professional stays are also organized to unite the teams around discovery.

In addition to its comprehensive and structured programs, Namastrip aims to open its offer to stays based on roaming. Thanks to a passionate and dedicated team, the agency grows with its community by constantly adapting its programs. The company has established itself as a legitimate player in travel and well-being thanks to real positive experiences. Knowing how to listen to your deepest desires, take the time to live and breathe, Namastrip gives voice to body and mind to soothe everyday life.




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