the heartbreaking testimony of his mother

the youngest French victim of the pandemic, yet reputed to affect mainly the elderly or vulnerable. “data-reactid =” 23 “> CORONAVIRUS -” We will never have an answer, “says her mother. At 16, Julie A. died of coronavirus in Paris, making it the youngest French victim of the pandemic, however reputed to affect mainly the elderly or vulnerable.

“It’s unbearable,” said Sabine, the girl’s mother, simply. Speaking at full speed, she evokes “the shock of losing a child”, “the meaning of life”, the obligation to “continue”. “We had to have a classic life,” she said, finally reached on Thursday March 26 by telephone by hooly News, at her home in the Paris suburbs.

“Nothing serious”

“She just had a cough,” repeats Sabine. A mild, mild cough that appeared a week ago that she tried to cure with syrup, herbs, inhalations.

Saturday, Julie begins to feel short of breath. “Not huge, she was having a hard time catching her breath,” recalls her mother. Then come the coughing fits, which push her Monday to drive her daughter, without any particular health problem, to the doctor. There, the general practitioner notes an “acceptable” respiratory deficiency. He decides to call the Samu, finally the firefighters arrive.

Full coveralls, masks, gloves, “it’s the 4th dimension,” says the mother. They take the girl, wearing a paper mask under her oxygen mask, to the nearest hospital in Longjumeau, Essonne.

Sabine goes home. When she calls the hospital a little later, she is told about a CT scan, pulmonary opacity, “nothing serious”. A Covid-19 test is underway.

But overnight, Julie, with respiratory failure, was transferred to the Necker Children’s Hospital in Paris. Two other tests at Covid-19 are being carried out.

Two negative Covid-19 tests

Julie is admitted to intensive care on Tuesday. She is installed in a small room with blue walls, with cubs. “At 16, it’s still pediatrics, we’re young,” says Sabine. When she comes to visit her …

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