The day he / she told you he couldn’t live without you

It would be one of the most fabulous of your life. Because neither do you, without his skin, his hands, his words, you don’t quite see the point of continuing to breathe. Knowing that his love is shared is the most beautiful thing.

The reality of the facts. The day he / she told you that he / she couldn’t live without eating reblochon and fries and wine is actually much better. What matters, you see, is sharing core values, because it’s a long, a life, especially with only healthy food that lasts for up to 108 years. It is the famous “Love […] it is looking together in the same direction ”of Saint-Exupéry, and too bad if this direction is that of Nicolas in the rue des Martyrs.

The day he / she discovered your clitoris

It would be the blessed day when you realized that you would be “sexually compatible” forever. Or when physical love allows you to touch eternity with your finger (I understand myself).

The reality of the facts. The day he / she discovered the eco touch of the dishwasher was perhaps an even more overwhelming moment of marital bliss. Because, therefore, the spouse, delighted with his find which will allow the couple substantial savings in electricity, decrees that the dishes, henceforth, will be his exclusive domain. (Leaving you free to play with the spin button on the washing machine, with other possible consequences for your sex life, but that is another matter.)

The drunkenness of the first sleepless night

A night of mingling over and over again is forever unforgettable. Years later, the couple still cherish the memory of those scorching hours, of not being able or wanting to sleep, oh no, especially not.

The reality of the facts. The drunkenness of the first night on parallel snoring pills is even better, believe me. Years later, the couple still cherish the memory of those hours of having found sleep, for good, without hearing snoring, copulatory groans from neighbors, cries of children, without even attempting the slightest gesture of conjugal tenderness, just sleep, sleep, but together. It’s beautiful, really.

The emotion of her wedding day

If people still marry when, objectively, it is useless, it costs an eye and it is very risky (remember that 100% of divorced people have been married), it would be to taste this shot of pure adrenaline, this burst of joy, at the time of exchanging solemn and joyfully unreasonable promises in public, oh so much.

The reality of the facts. The emotion of the day when you go to collect your wedding list is even more commendable. Forget the stress of Bridezilla, the table seating of old aunts and the management of drunken bridesmaids, make way for the best of tradition. Very expensive gifts. A battery of casseroles that you exchange for La Perla panties, a bed set turned into a Thermomix mixer-cooker, the credit of a ton of brouzouf just for yourself. If it’s not a real fairy tale, this …

The day we learn that we are going to be parents

He would be one of the most memorable. In fact, the blue of the little pregnancy test bar – when desired, eh – is the most beautiful color in the world. But, immediately after, the anguish: what if I had an ugly child? no one in spelling? extreme right?

The reality of the facts. Perhaps the day when we decide to take a dog together is even better. There, at least, we can choose the cutest. Forget the fears of stretch marks, breastfeeding that messes up, dirty notes in French, extortion to buy weed. In addition, we know very well that we do not take it for forty years.

The day you are so close that he / she could finish your sentences

What dazzling! Three months, six months, a year after the meeting – whatever – we realize that it is there, we have finally found our half of orange!

The reality of the facts. The day your partner stops finishing your sentences is even more dazzling! Here it is, ecstasy, the real one. Whether it’s three months, six years or twenty years after the meeting, that obviously means that he / she no longer listens to what you say, but whatever, it’s the peak of a married life blooming.

The day the first child is born

It is of an emotional intensity that exceeds anything one can imagine. In the gaze that the couple exchange, there is the infinity of the world and more: the future. Those who have not experienced this cannot even imagine it, it is so strong.

The reality of the facts. The day the last child emerges is, it seems, thirty points above on a couple’s positive emotions scale. In the look that parents exchange, there is the infinity of the world, and more: relief. Unfortunately, these days, very few couples have the chance to have this experience in their lifetime.

The day of the announcement of the wedding of a couple of friends that we introduced

It is to be marked with a white stone. Love is even more beautiful when you make it circulate all around you. What happiness to make others happy!

The reality of the facts. The day of the announcement of the divorce of a couple of friends that we had introduced, it is not bad either. That people have found love because of us, okay. But if they are happier than us, there are limits, shit.

The day we realize we both love the exact same books

This is part of the magic of the encounter. Because no one else in the world is, like you, a fan of “Belle du Seigneur”, “L’Education sentimentale” or the poems of Aragon, that’s for sure.

The reality of the facts. If sharing cultural tastes bodes well for the success of a married life, the day when one realizes that he / she begins to need glasses to read, and not us, or at least not yet, is a kif even purer.

The day we say, casually, that we would like to spend our life together

There remains a memorable stage forever. This is another form of marriage proposal for couples who choose not to marry.

The reality of the facts. There is another memorable step, which will bring tears to the eyes of the toughest: the day we realize that, casually, we really spent our life together, it must still be good owl.