Because 2020 has challenged our bodies and minds more than ever, we are taking advantage of the month of January to take a break and regenerate. And since a treatment is better when it is personalized, we whisper to you the coolest resolution to start the year: attend the Digital Thermalies Salon, a real showcase for health and well-being. See you online?

Do yourself good, take care of your body, free yourself from stress, boost your defenses and give new impetus to this year … A fashionable program led by a master’s hand by Thermalies, a benchmark in thalassotherapy and spa. This year, the essential water well-being fair organized by Thermalies will be virtual (sanitary context requires.). A 2.0 meeting that will take place over 4 days and will allow you to ask all your questions to the major players in the sector and to experts in the field, without leaving the comfort of your sofa (we are looking at the good sides).

Take charge of yourself.

What if we took stock? Because 2020 has not only impacted our morale but also weakened our organizations and accentuated, for lack of accessible care, our established ailments. Joint pain linked to a sedentary lifestyle, reappearance of eczema or psoriasis, asthma due to allergies or pollution, weight gain … pathologies which, if not treated, are accentuated and undermine our daily lives already roughed up. What about thermal water in the management of these ailments?

It is proven that the synergy of thermal waters accompanied by additional expert care encourages remineralization and regeneration of the body. Combinations of treatments with thermal water activate blood circulation to erase pain and regain energy. A pure concentrate of trace elements and minerals that is part of a comprehensive and personalized health and well-being approach.

Thalassotherapy as a response to stress

The anxiety-provoking context inevitably deteriorates our well-being. A disease of the times that upsets our natural defenses, our sleep, our mood. Our balance in short. In recent months, thalassotherapy cures have seen their clientele diversify to respond to the general discomfort of young people, parents, women and men on the verge of inevitable burnout. And the results are there: the benefits of seawater work quickly on anxiety and post-traumatic fatigue. And the sophrology, Qi Gong, eye-rest, Nordic walking, nutrition and yoga workshops provide well-being and the recovery needed to start 2021… more serene and more prepared.

A strict health protocol

Faced with the virus, do I take a particular risk by taking a cure? In addition to the protocols and strict health provisions within its centers, it is important to note that the virus does not circulate in mineral water or in its derivatives, which are gas, vapors or thermal sludge. Additional peace of mind for curists, which is added to the reinforced health charter. All that remains is to choose your base for a deserved break.