The houses light up, the garlands are out, and the cold invades us. No doubt, we are in December, and Christmas is approaching! As every year, under the trees, millions of gifts will be distributed. “Here we are!” recapitulates you the most trendy games of the moment, which you may find on your children’s lists.

They are timeless and essential: board games. And this year is no exception to the rule. Among them, “How much do you wear” is a game based on general knowledge. The goal? Depending on the topic, give a number on a scale of 1 to 10, then answer the questions asked. If the answers are correct, you can move on. Conversely, if you make a mistake, you stay put. An ideal game for ages 14 and up. Equally simple in concept, but which can be more complicated: “Picto Rush”. “20 words are quoted in 20 seconds, and you have to draw them. The goal is to find these 20 words simply with your drawings”, explains Armelle Levy, journalist in the economic and social service of RTL.

Learning while having fun is also the concept of some games, and why not on health, well-being or even food, with Dr. Good, thought by Michel cymes. The goal: to answer questions and be the first to collect all the pieces of the brain. An educational game from 8 years old. Another game just as rewarding, “the Family almost 0 waste” raises awareness of sustainable development. The game consists, through many strategic questions, of emptying as much food as possible from the household trash.

Electronics, the star of Christmas gifts

In France, this year, sales of electronic toys jumped almost 50%. No wonder then that they are mostly found under the trees. For the youngest, “The Lunii Story Factory” is a counting machine that stimulates the imagination of little ones, from 3 years old. With this little portable radio, the child chooses his hero, his universe and his object, creating his own story. With the help of parents, new stories are available by connecting her to a computer. “This toy was made in Asia, but recently it has been produced in Bayonne”, underlines Armelle Lévy.

Still in electronics for children, the “Baby Alive Grows” is a doll that, as the name suggests, grows if taken care of. When the child cuddles her or feeds her, the infant’s hair grows and the infant can grow 15 cm!

And for the older ones, don’t panic, there too, toys are not lacking. Flying objects, such as drones, are popular, and their sales are exploding. On land, as in the air, robots take control, and the battles are fierce. The kit of two “Robot Kombat Silverlit Viking” offers a duel of all dangers, and of course remote-controlled. Be the first to knock down the other robot to win the game. But beware, to fully satisfy your children, one last tip: don’t forget the batteries under the tree…

Contents of the show:

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Guest : Armelle Lévy, head of the consumer section at the economic and social service at RTL.

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Guest : Odile Pouget, journalist in the RTL health service

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Guest : Grégory Cohen, chef.

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